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portable air conditioner-what a relief

Updated on October 12, 2009

Modern Technology

We are so overwhelmed with technological advances and new gadgets these days that many of them just pass us by with hardly a glance. Unless you actually have a pressing need for the latest device you probably look and move on with hardly a thought, the portable air conditioner is one of those wonders of modern technology which are so useful without necessarily being life changing or life saving, but we’re so glad we’ve got them.

With that other marvel of the modern age “The World Wide Web” you can look online for the exact air conditioner model you want and at the same time make sure you find the best deal on the market.

Fans Suck!

Remember when we didn’t have any such things as portable air conditioners, you may not be as old as me but I have vivid memories of having nothing better than fans to cool you down on hot days or nights, and they are certainly not fond memories. When it’s unbearably hot inside and out the only thing a fan does is move hot air around which is no help at all when you feel you’re in danger of actually melting. One of the amazing things about modern technological and engineering developments is the way things keep getting smaller; you can get an air conditioner that’s smaller than some old TVs or HI-Fi units. Just like TVs some portable air cindioners come with remote controls.

Air Conditioners also Dehumidify

Of course a modern portable air conditioner actually does so much more than just cool your room or house, at the same time it’s lowering the temperature it’s also reducing the humidity which makes us feel more comfortable than cooling alone. Low humidity also reduces the population of dust mites and mould spores which is great news for those of us with allergies. Most air conditioners are fitted with filters which also scrub the air clean of spores, dust, smoke, and other impurities. Again good news for people with asthma and other respiratory allergies.

How do portable air conditioners work?

How do portable air conditioning units work? They draw the hot air from the room with fans which then direct the air over an evaporation unit which contains a refrigerant which being very cold absorbs the heat from the air. The cooled air is then circulated back into the room through vents in the air conditioners casing. The modern units are very portable being light in weight and often on castors so you can easily wheel them around. Depending on the exact design of the unit the heat an moisture maybe expelled from the room through a vent pipe. Others have a drip tray or tank to collect the moisture; this will need to be emptied regularly.

Things to look out for in you’re search for a portable air conditioner.
BTUs. The higher the BTU number the more powerful the air conditioner so in a smaller room you’ll only need a low BTU number.

EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio the higher the EER the lower the running cost will be.

Warranty. Make sure you get a good warranty on the unit.

Wheels or casters to make the unit easy to move. Handles, for the same reason.

Oscillating louvers, theses will help airflow and cool the room faster.


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  • KevCC profile image

    KevCC 8 years ago

    Hi Peter, they certainly offer flexibility which is useful.

  • PeterBoston profile image

    PeterBoston 8 years ago from Boca Raton, FL

    I've had to replace two window units over the last couple years. The portable air conditioner makes more sense to me after reading about it.