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portable washer dryer combo reviews

Updated on June 16, 2014

The Best Washer and Dryer

If you live in a small house/apartment, you definitely have enough room only for a single washing appliance. Normally, this means you can’t use both a washing machine and dryer, but there’s a sense to go for a combined type – a washer-dryer.

With so many dryers and washers available on today’s market, one can’t be 100% sure which model and characteristics suit him best. And this is when you should follow the provided washer and dryer buying guide to know more about the features to look for.

Step 1Determining the type. First of all, you are to define which type of washer and dryer will suit your need. The models can be side by side, stacked or unitized. Stacked models allow one to stack the washer and dryer on each other in order to converse space, whereas unitized ones stand for all-in-one washer and dryer.

A front-loading washer normally has a matching dryer on, which saves space significantly, when compared to top-loaders.

Step 2Thinking of laundry habits. This is also of primer importance. Top- and front-loading washers let adding items after the beginning of the washing cycle. In case you forget moving clothes to the dryer, some machines vent fresh air for stale odours prevention, while others let washing and drying small loads in 30 minutes.

Step 3Electric vs. gas models. What’s the difference? The primer difference is the source of energy they use for heating the air. Keep in mind that gas-powered appliances are cheaper to run. Besides, they dry the clothes quicker than electric ones. So, it’s up to you to decide.

Step 4Consider an energy star sticker. It is recommended to look for a washer and dryer with the energy star sticker which stands for the ability to save more energy, when compared to their counterparts. These appliances cost a little bit more, however, they pay for themselves during the very first year of regular use.

Step 5How quiet is the machine? This is another important point to pay attention to. In case the laundry room is in the basement, the washing machine and dryer might not be quiet, as that won’t bother you much. However, if the laundry is near your bedroom or near other main living areas, you should better think of the noise level, while choosing appliances. We suggest looking for models with reinforced frames and additional insulation.

Follow these easy steps of the portable washer and dryer buying guide and buy the appliances that suit you best.

LG Reviews


Doing laundry with home washers instead of hand washing became as usual as eating with cutlery instead of doing it with your bare hands. Nowadays washers are nearly excellent and implement a plenty of technologies of tomorrow. However, progress is moving on and new incredible technologies emerge regularly. One of them is the LG washer and dryer combo, released by the company in several models:

  • WM3431HW,
  • WM3431HS,
  • WM3988HWA,
  • WM3677HW, etc.

These devices utilize a bunch of Hi-Tec features and solutions like:

  • SenceClean™ System, which determines water volume and washing cycle length according to the weight of the laundry loaded;
  • Sanitary Steam™ Cycle, heating the water up to 158°F to dissolve the toughest dirt and kill the sturdiest bacteria;
  • Direct Drive™ Motor system, leveling the vibration to zero. Absence of transmission allows the significant reliability to increase, supplied with 10-year warranty;
  • Intuitively understood interface and controls, which include LED display indicators and Dial-A-Cycle™ easy controls, allowing you to find the best set of parameters for every wash;
  • LoDecibel™ Motor, removing the sound completely. You will not know the device is on unless you look at it!

Samsung and Whirlpool Reviews


The most popular models are:

  • WGT3300XQ – washer combined with a gas dryer, with a large 2.5 Cu. Ft. tank and 3 water levels;
  • LTG5243DQ – washer with a gas dryer and Gentle Wash System;
  • WET3300XQ – washer with an electric dryer, having a large 2.5 Cu. Ft. tank;
  • LTE5243DQ – washer with an electric dryer and Gentle Wash System.

All of them are composed in a form of 2-storey units, with washer tank below and the dryer on top of it. This makes those extremely useful for small apartments with limited space, as well as providing unrivaled quality of laundry. Their convenient design turns those units into real pieces of modern art.


Being innovative and creative in each branch of their products, Samsung launched a series of washers combined with dryers. These units turn your laundry routine into sheer pleasure! Let’s take a closer look at Samsung washer and dryercombined devices!

There are two main models, which come with 5-years warranty:

  • WD0804W8E 8kg Ecobubble Washer Dryer, utilizing the Ecobubble™ technology to protect your clothes, having ceramic heater to prevent rusting and limescale creation. This model is capable to wash an enormous amount of 8 kg of clothes at once and dry 5 kg of clothes in one go.
  • WD8704RJA 7kg Air Refresh Washer Dryer. This model utilizes Air Refresh™ technology, which allows avoiding the usage of chemical detergents and other cleaning essences. It can also wash effectively even in hold water, significantly lowering your expenses on electricity. Secure Door system will prevent any accidents with water leaks.

Both of these excellent models look stunning and sophisticated. Reliable and convenient controls allow precise and efficient washing parameters set-up.


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