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portugal real estate

Updated on August 16, 2016

What to buy in portugal

They say "money makes money" but i do think otherwise, contacts makes you money and if you make the right contacts allot of doors will open for you, specially in the business of real estate. Portugal is one of the main turist attractions of the year 2016, awesome weather, more than 800km of beaches and Sun all year combined with good food and the open hearted of the portuguese people makes Portugal that hidden gem than you must know about if you want to invest your money and get good opportunities or just retired in a luxury villa and enjoy your last days of life.

Portugal real estate is booming and the European crysis doesnt seem to bother it much, my boss always tells me that "everyone will always buy houses, food and cars", something that you can apply everywhere in the world except in Portugal you have all the conditions to explore your business, to rent, to buy and sell or just simply to make it a tourist attraction.

If you want to explore the world of real estate in Portugal there are somethings you must know first:

  • Because of they European Crysis there are allot of Houses / Apartments that were confiscated by the banks, make it a wonderfull / cheap opportunity to invest your money.
  • If you are into the recovery business there are protocols with the governament that can help you, paying almost 50% of the work specially in historic areas.
  • Buying and selling is part of real estate, if you are a middleman and want to explore this new territory you have agencies that work with private entrepeneurs, most of these agencies prefer not to work exclusively wich gives you good opportunities without you spending your money.
  • Retiring in a dream house is everyones dream, in Portugal you can find almost secluded places surrounded by nature where you can enjoy the peace and the beutyfull weather without having the intoxication of the city, there are places untouched by man that you can exploit if thats your wish.
  • Working with local agencies to help you find your dream house is another fast way to find your dream house, although most of them have tons of comissions on top of the sale, my years in this business never find better than, they will do all the work for you and have very good prices in the market you can explore, also you can contact them most of the time and they reply very fast, having an excelent costumer service in my point of view.

Buying property in portugal

With the booming in tourism South of Portugal - Algarve is booming with expensive properties to buy and sell, although there are tons of good opportunities there, the area is made to make money from tourists and with that the cost of living is way higher than in the Main cities like Porto or Lisboa.

The tourists that prepare theyr holidays in the South of Portugal every year are unaware of other interesting areas even more beutyfull and way cheaper than Algarve. You can find those places by talking with the locals or contact a good agency like that works specifically with that market in mind, the costumer happiness is more important than the comissions they make, they want clients for life not just good sales.

Some regions you should explore around the coast of portugal for good opportunities are:

  • Costa Vicentina ( That includes basically most of the east coast of portugal) and have tourism all the year. Most places are untouched by man and you can see why most people surrender to the peace, good food and the wonderfull lands. Specicic places you should go in here are : Zambujeira do Mar and Vila nova de Mil Fontes beeing those the big main turist attractions in the area.
  • The local agencies that exist there are try to explore the good opportunities to buy or rent houses with high commissions make it in my opinion a bad way to find your dream houses or investments. If you want someone that will find those good opportunities for you always try to work with a private broker.
  • There are plent of farms and lands that can be built on, making it a good opportunity to live of the land

In general to find good Portugal real estate investments its always better to work with a local, if you want more information try to write me here or contact me by facebook.


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