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Seasonal Table Decorations: Setting the Mood All Year Round

Updated on March 17, 2017

One Simple Way to Add Interest to Your Room

Have you noticed how a large table has a way of dominating a room, no matter how much attention you’ve given to the rest of the decor? Don’t let it become a void in an otherwise inviting space. It’s simple to add interest with table decorations and centerpieces.

Seasonal table decorations introduce a fresh element to your living space, letting you mark the changing of the seasons or a holiday celebration without making big alterations to your room. They are also great for adding a personal touch to minimalist decor or giving a large room a more intimate feel.

This fun project can be revisited at different times of the year, easily changing the mood.

Fresh and Lovely Spring Table Decorations

If it’s springtime, fresh flowers are likely to be a key part of your table decorations. Earlier in the season these could be hard to come by, so opt instead for flowering bulbs.

These days there’s a lot more to floristry than fussy arrangements in a vase. Keep it fresh and modern by choosing eye-catching containers. Bold, geometric shapes or colourful glass can work well. However, a simple glass vase can also be a perfect conterpoint for a floral display when tightly packed with flower stems or lined with citrus slices.

At Easter, use miniature eggs in pastel shades to accent your table displays. Natural-looking nests of twigs or tastefully-decorated branch arrangements can also mark the occasion. This is the ideal time of year to feature edible decorations such as cupcakes in pretty springtime shades, jellybeans, or rabbit-shaped treats.

Create Fruity Flowers for Your Guests

Decorating the Summer Table

Think of summer and chances are you’ll think of a garden in full bloom. Capture the magic of a summer’s day by bringing the outdoors in. Think vibrant colours, tropical flowers, and even fruit arrangements. Butterflies, roses and ribbons are an ideal way to add a romantic touch, but everyday table decorations can be as simple as a selection of coloured glass bottles, each holding a single cut flower.

Another popular summer inspiration is the seashore. Depending on your overall interior design scheme, this could range from sun-bleached hints of colour and driftwood-inspired pieces, all the way to exotic blooms and citrus coloured accents. Shells, starfish and seaglass can all be used to create unique table decor.

If you love to travel, this is the perfect time to weave in some of your finds from foreign lands. Statuettes, traditional fans and miniature parasols are some of the many items you can add to a summer table display.

Summer Sunflower Arrangement with Lilies and Tomatoes

Showcase Autumn’s Beauty with a Fall Centrepiece

An autumnal table is a wonderful sight, bursting with rich colours and harvest motifs. While candles make great table decorations at any time of year, they are the perfect partner for harvest-themed decor. Choose from a variety of lanterns and jars to contain their comforting glow.

Despite what you might see when inspiration-hunting online, it’s not essential to have a pumpkin as a centerpiece, although squashes can be a fun touch! For something more minimalist, even a cluster of orchard fruits can add a seasonal note.

If you want to stay away from vegetables or fruit, let yourself be influenced instead by the season’s colour palette. Choose warm hues, from golden yellows through orange to cinnamons, bronzes and rich reds. Dried arrangements and leaf motifs can be effective, but team with fresh flowers or colourful glass to avoid a forlorn look.

Keeping it Sophisticated for Autumn

Be Inspired by Winter Magic

Winter might be dreary outdoors but inside you can make it magical. The classic scheme for winter decor combines clean whites with just a little sparkle. White flowers, pine cones and snowflake ornaments can be combined with candles and silver platters. If your room needs a warmer theme, bring in berry shades — you can even use rich red berries and evergreens in the table decorations.

With Christmas comes the time to try something new and bold. Even if you want to stay with the traditional red, green and gold, try combining them in inventive ways. Displays of tree baubles are eye-catching, while star motifs and candy canes add some fun. For a more rustic feel, use natural elements, or adopt the toned-down red and white theme of a Scandinavian Christmas.

Try Something Different this Christmas

Make Your Table Special at any Time of Year

Table decorations are your chance to have some fun and experiment with new ideas, while complementing your existing decor. Use them express your personality as well as celebrating a season or holiday. You might find what looks great for a special occasion needs to be packed away and replaced with something much simpler for a dining table in daily use. Even so, sometimes even a simple floral or candle arrangement can make all the difference.


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