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Printing Coupons Online

Updated on October 22, 2014

Printing Coupons Online

Extreme couponing used to be a hobby of mine. I saved hundreds of dollars a month, got several items for free and was able to stock up on many items that are very costly when they were on sale. when I started couponing I had no idea where to begin. I spent hours upon hours looking for sites to print my coupons from. I also bought Sunday newspapers ad spent money trying to collect coupons, only to realize later that most coupons can be found online for free. Below are several links and ideas to help save you time and money.

Double Couponing

Saving Even More

If you have a Publix near you, the first thing you can do is click on the below link to see what items they have on sale this week. Publix has buy one get one items weekly and if you can find coupons for these items they can sometimes end up costing pennies on the dollar. If you are getting two items and one is free, you can still use two coupons. Also, Publix will take a Publix coupon and a manufacturer's coupon or a competitor's coupon for one item. So you could actually use four coupons for two items and one of them is free! Be sure to check with your local Publix to see who they consider to be a competitor.

My local Publix considers Target to be a competitor. Target has printable coupons available on their site. Target also accepts a Target coupon and a manufacture's coupon for one item, so you are able to use two coupons for one item. you may want to also google on your iPhone there are several apps that give you scannable coupons from your phone or that text coupons directly to you. Look for an app called TAG.

Do you have a Smartphone? - My Smartphone has paid for itself!

I never realized how helpful it would be to have a smartphone! Not only am I able to store my grocery lists in my phone on a grocery app, I am also able to use the phone to save money! Before making a big purchase google to see if there is a coupon code. You don't always need an actual printed coupon!


Joann's Fabric has an iPhone app available with scannable coupons. Generally they have a 50% off one item coupon and a 40% off your entire purchase. Coupons may vary.

Target also has a phone app. I use it all the time and it's great because you can also set it up to text you coupons. IT's a great reminder so they don't expire!

Walgreens has a phone app and they can even send you the weekly store advertisement!

CVS has a similar app to Walgreens. I generally use CVS more than Walgreens. They are always giving me loads of coupons when I check out and a lot of their coupons are god for double coupons. For example if they have a store coupon that says $2 off an $8 purchase of shampoo, conditioner, and/or styling products, I can also have coupons for specific name brand items to combine with this particular coupon.

SHOPKICK is an app that actually rewards you for just walking into a store!

Some other coupon site to check out are listed below.

Super Saver

What store do you save the most money at using coupons?

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    • Lynn Klobuchar profile image

      Lynn Klobuchar 3 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

      As I said above, Target has Cartwheel.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      You know, I haven't been using coupon apps on my Kindle Fire, but I just looked and there are plenty of them. Thanks for the reminder!