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Privacy window film - a beautiful way to change your view of the world

Updated on April 3, 2013

Static cling privacy window film - change your window's view

We put up a privacy window film in John's house in WV as the view from the window was of his garage - u-g-l-y! So, instead of seeing that view, we selected a beautiful Artscape stained glass window film which is of lovely magnolia flowers. And, when the sun hits the back of the house, the privacy window film reflects onto the walls inside the house and creates a beautiful mosaic pattern.

Static cling window films are very easy to install. In fact, there's nothing needed except a straight edge (ruler) and an razor blade to cut it to size. Most of the privacy window films are in a repeating pattern so, if your window is larger than the manufactured size of the window film it's quite easy to just piece in another section. Also, these decorative window films will stay up until you peel them from the window so you can change your view each season. These window films are so easy to install and take down, you can change your decorative window view with the seasons: put up a beautiful frosted window film in the winter, a stained glass window film for the spring and summer, and an etched leaf window film for the fall.

Photo credit: The picture above is the Artscape Magnolia Window Film on

Two beautiful static cling window films

I've always loved stained glass windows so, when I saw these Artscape Wisteria and Artscape Clematis Static Window Films I was sold. I plan on using both of these in my own home to hide views that are not as beautiful as these window films.

Note: although these window films are beautiful, they do darken a room. If you don't care about that, you probably can't find any prettier window clings on the market (imho, of course).

Clematis Window Film 24-by-36-InchCHECK PRICE

Artscape Wisteria Window Film 24-by-36-InchCHECK PRICE

Frosted window film

A classic view of the outside world

I like these frosted window films for places where you want to preserve privacy but allow the sunlight to penetrate in. And, If you're looking for a more conservative privacy window film, here you go! These beautiful window frosting films will provide privacy and a beautiful addition to any room decor.

Etched Leaf Window Film 24-by-36-InchCHECK PRICE

Etched Lace Window Film 24-by-36-InchCHECK PRICE

Brewster 99428 Bamboo Door Privacy FilmCHECK PRICE

Brewster 95589 Mosaic Door Privacy FilmCHECK PRICE

Texture Twelve Window Film 24-by-36-InchCHECK PRICE

Rice Paper Window Film 24-by-36-Inch CHECK PRICE

Here's a kit for privacy window film installation

GILA FS600 Window Film Complete Application Tool Kit
GILA FS600 Window Film Complete Application Tool Kit

You'll probably still want a straight edge and a sharpee marker but this is still a nice starter kit for privacy window film application.


My favorite privacy window film

Artscape Magnolia static cling window film

This is the beautiful decorative window films we selected for John's dining room which looks out onto the side of the garage. The view is much more beautiful now and, if we get tired of this view, we can always peel it away and put up a new one.

Magnolia Window Film 24-by-36-InchCHECK PRICE

The same magnolia privacy window film in summer colors:

Artscape 01-0142 24-Inch by 36-Inch Summer Magnolia Window FilmCHECK PRICE

Reasons to install decorative window films

  1. The obvious reason to install decorative window films is to change an ugly view. Whether you live in a busy city or look out on a suburban scene, decorative window films are a beautiful way to change your view of the world.
  2. Reflective (Lo E) window films can shield your room and furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun. My house was built in 1857 and has a full southern exposure. Zachariah Dowden knew what he was doing when he built this house. But, a full southern exposure means that my house gets hot in the summer. I have installed some reflective window films to help shield the rooms from the broiling heat. I take these down in the winter and just put up new ones next summer.
  3. Add cling window films to different rooms as accents to your décor. Stained glass windows are my favorite and they're expensive but, now, I can get the look of a stained glass window at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Static privacy window films are much cheaper than draperies. And, if you're like me and like to vary your home décor, these privacy window films make a lot of sense. They're not expensive, they're easy to put up and take down, and they're beautiful!

Artscape Magnolia commercial

This short commercial shows the Artscape Magnolia Window Cling that I selected for our house in West Virginia. It takes just minutes to change a mundane view into a work of art.

A great way to add privacy to a bathroom or bedroom window

Best Home Fashion Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Window Film - White - 3 ft x 6.5 ft (1 Roll)
Best Home Fashion Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Window Film - White - 3 ft x 6.5 ft (1 Roll)

This frosted privacy window film will shield the view while still allowing filtered light to enter the room. A beautiful way to add some privacy to a door or window.


Stained glass window film

We used this beautiful static cling window film during this past fall in West Virginia. I loved the colors and felt like it brought the season right into our home.

First Stained Glass Window Film 24-by-36-InchesCHECK PRICE

This reflective window film cuts electric costs

Install this window film and cut your electric bill by as much as 50%. Cuts UV rays by 99% and helps significantly with glare coming in through windows. Perfect for an office or anywhere you might want to use a computer. The Low E coating also holds in winter heat.

Gila Heat Control Residential Window Film, Platinum, 36-Inch by 15-FeetCHECK PRICE

And, some more static cling window film on

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Yeah I think that heat control stuff could come in very handy to cut down on those bills

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I should check on that reflective film for my windows. In the summer it gets so hot that I like to build a fortress and that extra layer might do the trick!

    • profile image

      burntchestnut 5 years ago

      These are great because you can change them out when you want something new and they don't cost all that much.