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Raleigh Carpet Cleaner

Updated on February 10, 2013

Professional Carpet Cleaning Has Many Benefits

If you have carpets in your house, you might think about steam cleaning them yourself. Why should you pay for something that you can do yourself with a retail machine?

What most people do not know is the level at which carpets attract germs, dust, grime, pet hair and many other allergens that you do not even know about.

They get stuck deep in the fabric of the carpet and do not come out even if you vacuum the carpet regularly. These allergens and other dirt can best be removed by using specific cleaning agents and high pressure, high temperature steam coupled with powerful suction.

The residential type machines one can buy at the big box stores are ok for occasional light spot or area cleaning, but nothing beats what a pro can bring to your home. The most popular method of deep carpet cleaning is known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove different substances that can cause permanent damage to your carpet. This includes substances such as organic compounds, dust mites, pollutants brought from the outside, grease, pet stains, smoke substances, oils, dirt, pesticides, bacteria and food substances that may fall of them.

Regular steam cleaning by a professional company will help to ensure that your carpets last as long as possible. Isn't it more sensible to get your carpet professionally cleaned rather than going through the cost of having to replace it?

A clean carpet keeps your family safe as it prevents development of several allergies and discomforts. Not to mention it will enhance the aesthetics of the interior your house and provide a cleaner environment to live in.

Good Doggy!
Good Doggy!

Got Pet Stains? You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you love animals and have pets in the house then you are bound to get pet stains, and if you have carpets then can be a challenge to clean. However, do not fear as these pet stains aren't permanent.

With the help of a professional carpet cleaning company these stains can be removed in a matter of minutes, your carpet will smell as fresh as daisies and look as good as new.

The best carpet cleaning companies like J & S Carpet Specialist LLC of Raleigh NC use a special probe that can detect urine in the padding so that those areas can specially treated. Wherever your animal may have left a stain this technique will help detect the problematic areas that will need special attention.

You will notice that people with pets often have an odor coming from their house, which is due to these urine stains and there is no shame. Giving shelter and home to animals is the most wonderful thing and with pets you just need to take extra care of your house and your carpets.

Make sure that you go for a professional cleaning every 90 to 120 days. Steam cleaning services are very affordable and quick to deal with plus they help to extend the life of your carpet which is something every pet owner wants.

Steam Cleaning
Steam Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning is a process that needs to be done with the proper methods as the carpets can be easily damaged. There are different carpet cleaning methods used to remove dirt, dust mites and bacteria but hot water extraction is undoubtedly the most commonly used technique.

J & S Carpet Specialist uses a truck mounted, gas powered cleaning system that is highly efficient. The most important benefit of truck mounted machines is their power to heat the water and to vacuum carpets.

These aspects make it highly efficient and very cost-effective as well. Besides, truck mounted machines also come in handy in situations when electricity is not available.

Another highly important benefit of hot water extraction is that only water or water combined with mild detergent is used to clean the carpets, and this makes the technique safe to use on more expensive carpets that deteriorate easily.

Also, this will not leave any detergent residue in the carpet. Plus hot water extraction is the preferred cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

The process is fairly simple: The carpets are first pre-treated using various cleaning agents, the agents used can vary depending on the type of carpet (wool, synthetic etc.) and the type of stains encountered.

Then an automatic scrubbing machine or a grooming brush is used for agitation, and afterwards the steam pressurized cleaning wand is used by the technician to go over the carpet a couple of times, vacuuming all the particulates, pre-conditioner and most of the moisture.

Along with the pre-conditioner, the extraction cleaning machine also removes deep down dirt, dust mites, pet dander and much more. In addition, hot water extraction is also excellent at removing carpet stains. The actual extraction is undoubtedly the most important part of the process, and air flow plays a pivotal role given the high amount of water used for cleaning in order to decrease the drying time.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great video. We like to clean the carpet at least twice a year because of having pets. Being able to hit spots that pop up with the carpet cleaner is always nicer than using a towel / rag method and the results are much better too.


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