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Make a Cozy Reading Nook

Updated on November 20, 2014

Visualize the Perfect Reading Spot

This has space to put your legs up and some cushions to fit behind your back.
This has space to put your legs up and some cushions to fit behind your back. | Source

Create Space for Reading in Your Home

My resolution each January is to read more. I enjoy reading, but get busy with other things and neglect this pastime that I love. What I need is a comfy space set aside just for reading. Then when the icy snow pelts against the window, I can cuddle up with a book and a warm throw over my legs while I read and read. Having a cozy place to read, a reading nook, takes you away from the chill and deepening snow outside.

I'm guessing that you feel that same need to read and to have a special place for this ever-so-satisfying activity. While I look for the right chair, the right space, the right accessories for my own reading nook, come along and see what appeals to you as well.

My Sister Loved to Read and Could Read Anywhere

Not the most comfortable place to read.
Not the most comfortable place to read. | Source

Reading Can Take Place Anywhere

but this doesn't look at all comfortable

I suggest that you find something softer to use for a reading nook chair.


This Reader Looks Quite Comfortable

Note the plump cushions she used to soften her chair. This is more what I had in mind for a reading nook.

Zazzle graphic: Jean-Honore Fragonard The Reader Post Card by unique_cases

A Corner for Reading

Choose the Chair for a Reading Nook - Make sure it's comfy

Look for one that suits the style of the other furniture in your room. It's important for it to be comfortable enough for several hours of reading. Some people prefer to read in an upright position, but I'm a lounge and read kind of person, so I included one of those.

Cushy Leather Armchair and Ottoman

2 PCS Bi-cast Leather Chair and Ottoman Set
2 PCS Bi-cast Leather Chair and Ottoman Set

Don't you just want to grab your book and put your feet up on this ottoman as you sink into the plush leather chair! Notice that they show this in a setting with a good reading light next to the chair. That doesn't come with this, but you'll want to find something similar.


Traditional or Modern Styling...

Which Do You Prefer

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Le Corbusier Lounge Chair

Fine Mod LC4 Black Chaise Lounge Chair
Fine Mod LC4 Black Chaise Lounge Chair

Wonderfully ergonomic to have the feet up and your back supported. You can read for hours here without getting tired.


Do You Have a Special Reading Nook? - No, not the e-reader. I mean a place to curl up with a book.

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Ivory Leather Recliner with Ottoman

Coaster Swivel Recliner Chair with Ottoman in Ivory Bonded Leather
Coaster Swivel Recliner Chair with Ottoman in Ivory Bonded Leather

What a handsome chair this is and extremely comfortable. Just what the avid reader needs.


A Reader Needs Something to Wrap up in

Sometimes you get chilled while sitting still. Here's what you need for that.

Chose a Throw in a Favorite Color - for your cozy reading nook

For me, it would be this shade of blue or else a muted sage green. Of course, Amazon has other colors, so just click through and choose the one that suits you. When you are sitting still reading, you might feel a bit cool. Just pull the throw over your legs and continue reading.

More Warm Lap Robes and Shawls for Readers - in their reading nook

If you live in a really cold climate, then the faux fur lap robe may be perfect for you. Some don't like anything draped across their legs, so they can opt for the Pashmina shawl or the shoulder cozy. Hopefully one of these fits your style and will make your reading corner comfy.

As for me, I'm generally chilly so I'm putting that heated shawl and lap blanket on my wishlist.

Faux Fur Throw to Keep the Reader Warm

Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw - Lap Blanket - Champagne Fox - 58"W x 36"L - (1 Throw)
Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw - Lap Blanket - Champagne Fox - 58"W x 36"L - (1 Throw)

Talk about being in the lap of luxury. This faux fox fur surrounds you in plush comfort. Snuggle in and open up Dr Zhivago for a warm read on a snowy evening.


How Cool Is Your Reading Spot?

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Eggplant Wrap for Your Shoulders

Sakkas 70" x 28" Paisley Self-Design Shawl / Wrap / Stole - Eggplant
Sakkas 70" x 28" Paisley Self-Design Shawl / Wrap / Stole - Eggplant

If you read sitting up in bed, drape this over your shoulders.


If You Are Easily Chilled, Get a Heated Shawl/Blanket

Cashmere Shawl

A Window Seat for Reading

Don't Have a Window Seat Like This One? - Then create one in your home for a reading nook

Let's recreate this classic reading nook for your home using simple furniture pieces available from the store or from Amazon.

An Old-Fashioned Window Seat

The light streams through the window making this window seat an ideal reading spot.
The light streams through the window making this window seat an ideal reading spot. | Source
Coaster Storage Bench with Baskets and Cushions, White
Coaster Storage Bench with Baskets and Cushions, White

Start with a low bench that fits under the window. One with storage below and a cushy cushion on top will work.


Add a Pair of Tall Bookshelves - One on each side of the bench

This forms the alcove and appearance of a built-in window seat. The light streaming in the window makes it a perfect reading spot during the day. Click on the picture to see it in white.

Charleston Bookcase With Glass Door, White
Charleston Bookcase With Glass Door, White

With the glass fronts, these look like they came straight from an English country house.


Accessories for the Reading Nook

Get a Book Light

Possibly the spot you've chosen for your reading corner or nook doesn't have a handy electrical plug or overhead lighting. Get a book light like this to throw light on the page.

My Nieces Love Reading too

Encourage the love of reading from the very earliest time. You want to raise a lifelong reader.
Encourage the love of reading from the very earliest time. You want to raise a lifelong reader. | Source

© 2012 Virginia Allain

Tell Me about Your Reading Space

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    • rattie lm profile image

      rattie lm 4 years ago

      My reading nook is in my car! I have taken to audio CDs because I found I was running out of time for relaxation and reading - shock horror! It's so much more pleasant than listening to the dreadful news that we all seem to endure these days!

    • Ramkitten2000 profile image

      Deb Kingsbury 5 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

      At the moment, my favorite reading space is in bed, with my dog snuggled up next to me. But if I want to read for any length of time, bed isn't such a good place, because lying down reading makes me sleepy. I'm looking forward to building and moving into our new home, where I'll definitely have a comfy place to read other than bed.

    • profile image

      FashionMommy 5 years ago

      Reading in your own cozy nook can be very relaxing. You don't have to get distracted by noise or uncomfortable positions.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      I wish I had a special place to read but usually its just in my room on my bed. (I don't even have one of thse cushion things that jhelps you sit up.

      added to my No Bummer Reader lens

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image

      hntrssthmpsn 6 years ago

      This is so sweet... I have an awkwardly large entry way... not big enough to make it another room, but too big to leave unused... it's just now occurring to me that it'll make an excellent reading nook with a few bookshelves and a comfy chair!

    • JoyfulReviewer profile image

      JoyfulReviewer 6 years ago

      I spend so many hours reading on the internet that I rarely have time to curl up with a good book. When I'm done working on my computer, I don't want to read any more ... I'm ready to watch TV or a good movie. But I do have plenty of good books to read "someday" in my nice comfy chair.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I have a recliner that I've been using for years with a full spectrum lamp. Very comfortable.

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 6 years ago

      It's my bed, a big queen bed, with a soft stuffed bed/chair pad, the type with arms, that sits on the bed.

    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 6 years ago from Land of Aloha

      hahaha I actually do read a lot out on the lanai laying in the hammock. I had to laugh when I watched the video at the top of the page......It really is SO annoying when you hear the sound of a lawnmower or weedeater in the background when all you want is some quiet time to read. lol

    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 6 years ago

      I don't read as much as I used to but I love being right in front of the wood stove with a good book when it's raining or snowing outside.

    • kathysart profile image

      kathysart 6 years ago

      Winter is reading time for sure.. love the idea of a cozy winter reading space. Blessed!

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 6 years ago

      That Jessie Wilcox Smith print is lovely. The book vs. lawnmower Youtube is a fine cautionary tale!

    • chezchazz profile image

      Chazz 6 years ago from New York

      Sometimes I think our entire house is one big reading nook -- more books than I could begin to count...

    • profile image

      seedplanter 6 years ago

      One of my favorite images to look at on Pinterest is reading nooks. There's something cozy about a windowseat or a special corner chair. This is a great theme for a lens. Thanks!

    • nestboxes profile image

      nestboxes 6 years ago

      I like reading in a cosy nook in a pub by an open fire. Would like to replicate this ambience in my home

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 6 years ago from Central Florida

      @Zut Moon: OK - I admit to taking liberties in the introduction. Squidoo wanted more pages about winter decorating. You are right, it is unlikely to happen in Florida. I could go read my book on the patio this afternoon.

    • Zut Moon profile image

      Zut Moon 6 years ago

      OK .. I had to come back and re-read your opening blurb ...cause I thought something was wrong. Now, I might not be the smartest turnip on the farmer's truck ... but you mention about the snow pelting your windows. Ok, so how often does that happen where you are ... I thought you lived in Florida.... perhaps it drifted closer to Alaska ... no wonder I have to drink beer when I Squidoo .... have yourself a Great Day ...

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 6 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I would like to read more during the day, but I seem to keep busy all day. Maybe if I had a cozy reading nook, I would! I do read every night for at least an hour. Love reading!!

    • Zut Moon profile image

      Zut Moon 6 years ago

      You and I have a lot in common and NO, I am not insulting you !!!

      We both have very active imaginations and many interests. The days should have 72 hours in them. I have so much I want to read but the Internet distracts me. The only time I really read much is at our cottage in the summer because their is no cable TV nor do I have Internet. (but lots of beer ...)

      I will add this lens to the Squidoo Quarterly Challenge.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 6 years ago

      I resolve to read more every year too but just don't seem to make the time. I generally read in bed but of late I end up falling asleep after a few pages. Maybe I need a cozy reading nook instead of the bed. I like that oversized floor pillow. However, my dog would end up claiming that as her cozy spot!