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mdf ready to assemble modern kitchen cabinets,cabinetry - ready made cabinet list

Updated on December 5, 2011

Modern kitchen cabinets

Kitchen 4 Kitchen design
Kitchen 4 Kitchen design | Source

Kitchen cabinets

Interior design can be made rich by choosing the proper type and color kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets not only comes with rich look , but also with required no of cabinets and essential facilities.Nowadays , modern kitchen cabinets are made , starting from solid wood , particle board, block board , laminated plywood or chipboard and mdf also.

Mdf has its own place in modern days kitchen cabinets. Either it may be ready to assemble kitchen cabinets category or custom made kitchen cabinets. In both way choosing MDF board kitchen cabinets gives added advantage. Mdf kitchen cabinets comes with various species color and grain pattern which can match or contrast your kitchen wall or dining hall wall.This is the most important thing while choosing the kitchen cabinets. white kitchen cabinets, red kitchen cabinets, maple kitchen cabinets , cherry kitchen cabinets are some of the kitchen cabinets available in the market.

Even if you are choosen for wooden kitchen cabinets , you got the choice for staining the cabinets with the required species color as per requirement.

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets

kitchen from dining room
kitchen from dining room | Source

How to choose the right kitchen cabinets

Many varieties of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are available in the market. Choosing the right one depends on us. The following tips help you to choose the kitchen cabinet for the house.

1. You must know the size of the kitchen where you would like to fit the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. Here you should keep it into your mind that, Chosen kitchen cabinet fitness and your required number of cabinets and aesthetic look.

2. If your kitchen is attached to dining hall, you should consider the height of the cabinet for the rich look.

3. Color and grain pattern should match to the existing wall. This will be added to your interior designing and appealing look.

4. Always consider the cleaning option first. This depends on the material you have chosen and type of paint or clear varnish you used. Chosen may be white kitchen cabinet or red kitchen cabinets, the moisture barrier paint should be applied, to avoid water absorption and swelling of the materials used. 

5. Kitchen cabinet tops should be protected from oil grease, and heat. For this you use recommended protecting sheets. Regular cleaning of affected places with all purpose cleaner. Mostly vinegar is being used as all purpose cleaner.And available one throughout world.

6. Painting of the kitchen cabinets needs more attention. Unlike other wood work, kitchen cabinets is subjected to both extreme hot or cold conditions simultaneously. So whether it is latex based paint, water based paints or oil based paints, you must give required amount of time to dry between coats. Even priming should be done without leaving gap. 

7. While choosing the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, you must check for the cabinet door hinges also. May be concealed one or self closing or demountable or knife hinges or semi- concealed. Every type of hinges has its own advantages in it.  Mostly concealed hinges gives the good look for the kitchen cabinets. Knife hinges leaves a line mark. Self closing is required in certain places in kitchen cabinets.

8. Next come handle. May be hand pull or knob type is depends on our taste and for handling comfort. Hand pull is mostly used comparing to knob type. Even some other types of handles design available in the market. But chosen handle should solve the longevity life and not fading with given period. Secondly the plated color should match with the kitchen cabinet color.

9. The other thing is drawers. May be side mounted, bottom mounted or top mounted. This should be chosen based on our convenience and load bearing of the same. Here we should go for the branded one to avoid struck and getting damaged.

10. Finally locks where ever necessary. 

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