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Readymade Eyelet Curtains

Updated on June 7, 2010

Your interior design budget may be on the skids right now, but if you want to spruce up your living or kitchen area in your home, then eyelet curtains are the answer to your interior décor needs right now. If you have done any research or watched a few shows on the Home and Garden television channel, then you know that window treatments are under valued in most homes, and not only liven a room up but depending on colors and how they are combined will set the mood for family and friends when they visit. With a little creativity, some due diligence, and thirty to fifty American dollars you can have a new drapery theme in just a couple of hours.

Brown Curtains

If you are like most homeowners that stay on top of trends for home décor, then you know the best and easiest solution for a living or great room is to use varying shades of brown or earth-tones to solicit a warm and welcoming environment to all everyone in the room to relax and recharge their batteries. Finding a balance with the dozens if not hundreds of shades of brown curtains will be an easy project, and will not be hard on the pocket book either.

Curtain Rods

For a luxury statement, sort through the double curtain rods at your local drapery discounter, and find one with a distress gold or pewter finish with matching decorative finials for each end. This will allow you to hang your new grommet drapery on the side facing the room, and allow the addition of a second tier of sheer curtains closest to the wall. This creates a multi-dimensional look and gives you a two-fold functionality at the same time. When you draw back your standard eyelet curtain, the daylight will be able shine through to light up the room, but still give you some privacy. The second function is that the double draped window covering will act as a semi thermal curtain and help keep heat or cold out depending on the season, when they are both in the closed potions.

Eyelet Curtains ~ Readymade

Eyelet Curtains - Silk - Pink Curtains
Eyelet Curtains - Silk - Pink Curtains

Pink Eyelet Curtains Mixed with Earth Tones

The biggest rage in home décor right now is mixing pink curtains with chocolate brown or cocoa colored panels for a very impressive fashion statement. If the room you would like to apply this treatment in has neutral colors like beige, and dark browns then adding just about fifteen to twenty percent of pink accessories will set the room off into designer frenzy to say the very least. By using just the right magenta, or pale pink panels, throw pillows, area rugs, and bric-a-brac you will evolve your den into a love nest that your partner will enjoy just as much as you will.

Eyelet Curtains Fabrimentary


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      Furnishing 7 years ago

      You described it nicely here regarding eyelet curtains. Am from India we are dealing with same business and we have showcased a lot of such designs and sample window blinds and curtains.

      Thank You