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9 Real Estate Investment Advice

Updated on October 9, 2008

Real Estate Investment Advice to Success

With America’s economy going down and you’re in the real estate industry, you’d better be careful. What you need are truthful, legal and working real estate investment advices. These real estate investment advices will help you get to know what to purchase when it comes to real estate investment. By reading the real estate investment advices, learn what banks, brokers and financial advisors won’t tell you.

Better Than Living With The Little Old Woman In Her Shoe.
Better Than Living With The Little Old Woman In Her Shoe.

9 Real Estate Investment Advice

Real estate investment advice number 1: Invest, don’t speculate. If you think buying a piece of land and waiting for it to increase its value is investment, think again. What you could have done is have an apartment duplex constructed on that land and have it rented. It makes perfect sense, right? Investing is the way to go.

Real estate investment advice number 2: If you think there’s no other way for properties’ price to go but up, not true. Stick with the safe side. Properties can also lower their value as it can go up.

Real estate investment advice number 3: if you’re just starting in the real estate business, it’s best to invest in residential properties. Just like managing your own home, only you’re the real boss and you’re gaining profit.

Real estate investment advice number 4: don’t always believe what the sales agent and sellers tell you. If everything they’re saying sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true. Ask them for their Schedule E from their taxes and you’ll see there if what you’re buying is really worth it.

Real estate investment advice number 5: Location is not everything. Most sellers and real estate agent would probable tell you that the mist important factor when buying a property is location. More often than not, there’s more profit in less desirable locations according to real estate expert, John T. Reed by looking at the double digit cap rate.

Real estate investment advice number 6. All property has its flaws. Buy the best rotten apple in the bunch of rotten apples. This real estate investment advice is probably the best tip you should follow to get things done.

Real estate investment advice number 7. Beware of analyzing data too much, paralyzing your prospect to buy a property.

Real estate investment advice number 8. If your real estate guru tells you that you can avoid big mistakes in real estate, this is not true and it is possible that they are lying to you. They are not interested for your success and profit. They’re interested to profit for their selves.

Real estate investment advice number 9. I don’t advice you to read books and take short courses regarding real estate investment. Just do what you think is right, learn from scratch and learn from your experiences and mistakes.

Location's Not Everything
Location's Not Everything

Real Estate Investment Advice: Unpredictable

The real estate industry is not a predictable industry. You can make smart moves and not so smart moves. And this is where it will happen. Its either your investment will pay off or your money wasted to some property which never increases its value. Just understand the real estate investment advice above because it will help you how to invest in real estate successfully. There’s no such thing as real estate professionals. Let the real estate investment advices above guide you to your real estate endeavors.


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      clem1952 9 years ago from St. Clair Shores

      Hello: I thank you for your time spent to help others to invest smarter, I have a site similar, please take a look at the site

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      virtualvestingvid 9 years ago

      nice hub, thnks for the advice that you right. it so helpful.