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Refrigerator Locks | Refrigerator Door Locks | Padlocks & Lock Kits

Updated on January 17, 2013

Refridgerator Locks for Adults, Kids, Toddlers, or Pets

Refrigerator locks are an ideal solution for many common household issues. Whether you are storing prescription medications, keeping the kids from raiding the refrigerator, or helping an adult to diet, locking the fridge has many benefits.

You won't have to worry about missing alcohol or food, fridge doors left open, or late night raids and can keep some family peace.

Types of Fridge Locks

Fridge door locks come in padlocks with keys, combination locks, and simple child proofing styles where the culprit is a small toddler. They are effective on refrigerators with one door, side by side fridges with double doors, a mini fridge, or a stand up or chest freezer.

Do be aware that the lock will not work on both the top and bottom of a traditional appliance though. You will simply need 2 locks, one for the fridge, and one for the freezer.

For adults or teenagers, having a padlock or combination fridge lock can be a great solution. A refrigerator lockbox can also be used to hold and protect small items within the fridge itself.

A child proof refrigerator lock works without an actual lock, to make it difficult for small kids or toddlers to enter, but easier for parents. So, it's really a safety lock for baby-proofing and preventing open doors.

Installing A Refrigerator Door Lock

Most fridge door lock kits are made with adhesive, which attaches to the appliance without drilling holes. There are 2 pads, which simply are placed on either side, and locked in the middle. Installation of a fridge lock takes only minutes, and works for most standard refrigerators, many side by side units, mini fridges in dorm rooms or RV's or even office break rooms. They also can be placed on upright or chest freezers.

Where to Buy Refrigerator Door Locks

Below are some of the highest rated refrigerator locks. You will see if they work on a traditional fridge, side by side, mini fridge, or freezer, along with pricing and the average Amazon star reviews. You can also check out the full selection of refrigerator locks

on Amazon here.

Refrigerator Lock for Side by Side Fridge - For Standard Fridge Doors or Mini Fridge Too

Refrigerator Door Lock with Padlock - White
Refrigerator Door Lock with Padlock - White

Stainless Steel Fridge Lock & Key Here

Black Fridge Padlock Here


Refrigerator Lock Box - Great for Roommates, Fridge Sharing & Locking Foods Away

Child Proofing Refrigerator Lock For Children

Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap
Safety 1st 2 Pack Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Great easy straps for fridge, drawers, stove, and household safety for toddlers. Multipacks available too.


Chest Freezer Door Lock

Child Proof Lock for Fridge - See just how easy it is to secure your fridge

Refrigerator lock
Refrigerator lock

How to Lock a Refrigerator

If you need to lock a refrigerator, there can be many reasons for your choice. Multiple conditions such as Alzheimer's, ADHD, Autism or anyone with a mentally ill relative may need a refrigerator door lock to keep their loved ones safe.

The elderly, toddlers, and teens often will raid the refrigerator or search for alcohol, prescription drugs, making a lock a safer option.

People who have roommates, keep items in a garage fridge, live in dorms or those staying in a mobile home or RV for a season, may wish to have a lock to protect their goods.

Even pets, especially dogs, can smartly learn how to open fridge doors, to get the good stuff for dinner. So, finding an inexpensive fridge door lock, will allow you to keep anyone and everyone out when you don't want them there.

To apply a refrigerator lock, simply apply the adhesive to each door on a door to door model, or put an adhesive pad on the side and front of the door. You can then use the padlock with key to lock the door when need be. Of course, a fridge lock is easy to apply and remove, with no drilling into the appliance needed.

No matter what your needs are, keeping your food safe with a refrigerator lock is a great idea. No need to spend time worrying about the food, when for a few dollars, you can get a simple lock for it. If you prefer a combination lock for the fridge, simply trade out the padlock for what ever works best for you.

Why do you use a refrigerator door lock?

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      5 years ago

      I have to use a lock with key because my mother-in- law suffers from dementia.


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