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Reliance Controls 31410CRK

Updated on February 19, 2013

Reliance Control 3141CRK Transfer Switch Kit

Make your home fully powered when the power is out with the Reliance Controls Corporation 10-circuit 30 Amp transfer switch kit.

This lens is dedicated to giving you the information you need in order to make a good decision when it comes to hooking your home up to portable electricity. What is a transfer switch kit, why would I need one and how does it work?

Click on this link to see reviews and additional info on the Reliance Controls Transfer Switch Kit.

What does it do?

I have personally lived all of my life in an area of the foothills where power outage is a regular occurrence. I remember many "snow days" in front of the wood-stove, not only because that is where my mom was making breakfast, lunch and dinner but because when the power was out it was the only area of the house that was warm.

Now that I am an adult and have a home of my own I know that we don't need to go a week and sometimes longer without power. Today it is easier than ever to hook your home up to the generator, which means no more cold bedrooms or multiple nights huddled around the radio playing card games by candlelight. Not to say that we don't enjoy playing games but when that's your only option for entertainment it gets old after a few days.

So what it comes down to is running a generator switch kit enables you to basically hard wire a portable generator to your home without the cost of paying a contractor to do it for you. Thus allowing you to keep the lights on, the food in your refrigerator fresh and to keep your home nice and cozy when you have a power outage.

How does it work?

The 31410CRK Pro/Tran is one of the easiest switch kits on the market. Making it simple and safe for most anyone to install. It comes with an instruction DVD which is clearly lays out the "How To's". All of the 10 circuits are pre-wired and marked. The easiest way to explain how a generator transfer switch kit works is this.

1) Basically you are attaching the conduit whip to your main panel box.

2) Then you select what circuits you want to run on your generator by connecting them to your transfer switch kit.

I have attached the diagram for a better idea.

Switch Kit

This is a basic model of a generator transfer switch kit.

Near my home in Northern California
Near my home in Northern California

Reliance Controls 31410CRK

My overview

What it comes down to for me and my family is that this product is right for us. It was easy to install and we never have to go without power. I ordered mine through Amazon but I would look around to see what kind of prices are out there. Honestly I am an Amazon shopper so ordering it through them I knew I would get it in a timely manner and if there had been any problems I was not going to worry about exchanges or returns. Thank you for reading my review on the Reliance Control 31410CRK Transfer Switch Kit.


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