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The Best Remodeling Contractor In Greenville South Carolina!

Updated on September 16, 2014

Who Is The Best Remodeling Contractor In Greenville South Carolina?

P&L Enterprises has been around for many years, serving thousands of clients and helping them improve their homes. From vinyl siding to updating exterior trim, P&L Enterprises is a great bet when you are ready to remodel your home.

What We Specialize In

  • Vinyl siding
  • Vinyl soffit
  • Replacement windows
  • Gutters
  • Exterior trim

Find P&L Enterprises in Greenville - P&L Enterprises Location

A markerP&L Enterprises - Vinyl siding, remodeling contractor, gutters, exterior trim, vinyl soffit -
7 Hyland Road Greenville, SC 29615-5756
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The Benefits Of Vinyl Siding - See why it's a popular choice among homeowners

Advantages of Vinyl Siding
Advantages of Vinyl Siding

There are many good reasons to choose vinyl siding for the exterior of your house. We're going to look at a few advantages vinyl siding has over paint.


Compared to paint, vinyl siding lasts for years. VInyl siding is quite durable, even through most weather conditions.Even sunlight won't cause fading for years.


Over the long term, vinyl siding is cost effective. Because it comes in various thicknesses and grains, the cost will vary depending on what you choose.


Besides washing the vinyl siding once or twice a year, there really is no additional maintenance necessary. This is a huge advantage over paint and will reduce the amount of effort you will need for maintaining a nice look.

Contact P & L Enterprises

(864) 627-9641

7 Hyland Rd

Greenville, SC

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    • profile image

      MM Rahman Bappi 3 years ago

      Siding is damaged for improper installation replacing that will cost a lot of money. A good siding installation contractor will try to save your money as much as possible by doing the installation properly.