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Remodelling Your Old House

Updated on July 31, 2014

Every object on the surface of the earth is bound to get old at one point, and your house is no exception. Though you may have enough finances to pull it down and build a new one from scratch, it takes so much effort and guts. Remodeling your old house is usually a better option for most people as it saves on resources, money, time and effort. This article will give you tips that will enlighten you on the best ways to have your old house rehabilitated without giving you a headache.

Old House
Old House | Source

1. Check out the structure.

Before deciding on remodeling the house, it is always a good idea to check each of its parts carefully so as to know exactly what is present and what is missing. This can be done even better with the help of a qualified professional home inspector. How old is the house? This is also a very important question to ask yourself so as to determine the viability of a remodeling project. You should also check its physical conditions putting into consideration the parts that are still strong, the ones that have fallen apart and may need replacement or repair and those that are missing. Examine the electrical connections and plumbing, the foundation, roofing, flooring, walls, windows, doors, cabinets and any other part so as to determine whether they'll need replacement, upgrades or repairs. It helps a great deal to have a checklist with you so as to ensure that all parts have been checked, to be able to determine the budget and also know the supplies that need to be purchased.

2. Research and find recommendations.

Though home remodeling can be done by anyone, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional. It may be quite expensive but this financial sacrifice is worth it. Research over the internet for the best contractor or ask for recommendations from you friends or other people who have had their houses remodeled before. A good well experienced and skilled contractor will not only make the whole process easier for you but will reduce the costs incurred by a significant percentage. In addition to this, there is surety in terms of the quality of work done on your house. Such a contractor knows exactly what is best for your house depending on your budget and will give you good suggestions and ideas for your house where necessary.

3. Break down the project into phases.

Splitting the remodeling process into smaller phases makes the whole job much easier and more organized. You may choose to have your interiors done first, then your exteriors done next. This totally remains your choice as it should be done to you preferences. You may have each room rehabilitated one at a time or have the walls done first then the floor and so on. It is utterly up to you. Doing this lets you buy or avail all supplies needed for one phase at a go rather than having to buy all of them at once. You will only buy wall paint when the phase for painting the walls reaches and only floor tiles when the flooring has to be worked on. You should create other sub-checklists from your house inspector's checklist depending on the phases you have chosen for the remodeling project and give it to your contractor. This makes the project much clearer for the contractor and gives you a more definite plan

Remodeled House
Remodeled House | Source

4. Save the style of the house.

Whoever told you that remodeling is about changing the whole outlook of the house should have lied to you. Remodeling is about improving the house; replacing or repairing the damaged parts, upgrading the outdated parts and improving the appearance and functionality of the house. It is best to preserve the style of the house whether Victorian style or Pueblo style. This lets your house retain its originality and its classic nature. Preserving some of its details is also great . If some wardrobes can be easily incorporated within the design and style of the house, then there is absolutely no need to toss them out. You should maximize on the use of the items that are present within the old house since most of them may just need a little repair, cleaning or improvement. You should note that it doesn't hurt to share your ideas with a designer or your friends. Who knows, you could come up with a better idea from their suggestions or critiques.

5. Cut your coat according to your cloth.

It's an old proverb, but yes, it makes sense. You should budget and work within your means. Finances can be a hard nut to crack; the main reason as to why you chose remodeling over building from scratch. Yet, at the same time, remodeling could lead you into bankruptcy if not done carefully. Depending on your budget, there are a number of ways by which you can significantly minimize your expenses. You can try to employ the DIY spirit. Try as much as possible to do remodeling tasks that you can do on your own. It will save on the amount of money you'll have to pay someone else. You can also try to do these remodeling projects in bits, each at a time. It will help organize the tasks hence saving you time, unnecessary expenses and effort. It is also advisable to incorporate expensive materials with non-expensive materials, like different types of floor tiles into this project so as to get the maximum aesthetic value from your budget.

6. Customize according to your needs.

Most older houses have been built with rooms and items that take up so much space that could have been used elsewhere or for some other purpose. As you remodel your house, you should try to identify such spaces and customize them such that the space is used maximally. Adding more compartments to a large closet so as to maximize on its space is one great idea. Another great idea is subdividing a large room into smaller rooms by adding walls. Though, this will need permission from an architect who will look at its validity and come up with security measures to make it better and safer for habitation. You may also choose to add a deck in front of your house.

7. Consider landscaping.

Apart from the appearance of your house, the outlook of its surroundings is also extremely important. It not only makes your home neat and beautiful, it also increases its real estate value. You may build a brick or stone wall around the house or create a beautiful hedge or plant flowers. A driveway or sidewalk is also a useful addition to your home. You may choose to construct a concrete, asphalt or gravel driveway or sidewalk or have it paved or tiled. All these depend on your personal tastes and preferences. You should also have your grass, fence, hedges and flowers trimmed and weeded at the right time so as to keep your home neat.

Simple but stylish.
Simple but stylish. | Source

House and home remodeling is mostly done with consideration of the homeowner's taste and liking. As a homeowner, you should be creative enough to incorporate different designs, ideas and suggestions into your remodeling project. In case you are not visually gifted, it helps to have one or two of your creative friends to help you in making decisions regarding what to do and what not to do. You should also strive to achieve the best outcome from your budget. In the long run, you'll have yourself to thank for making your home stylish without falling into mortgage debts.

Hello guys. Thanks for reading this hub. What other house remodelling tips have worked for you? Please feel free to start or join the conversation.

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