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5 Creative Ways To Get Rid Of Kitchen Odors

Updated on November 20, 2018
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Duncan has been an avid writer for most of his life. Growing up in the town of Cheltenham.

An odor free kitchen
An odor free kitchen | Source

“If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” - Harry S Truman

For some of us, it's not necessarily the heat but the odors coming from the kitchen that we can't stand!

You may be a big fan of cooking, but strong kitchen odors can really take some of the enjoyment out of the process. Fried onion, Fish, Broccoli, and Cabbage are some of the major culprits consistently slated as having some of the worst pongs whilst cooking. The food may well taste superb, but the lingering odors can ruin the enjoyment somewhat.

Over the years, people have been fighting kitchen odors in a variety of different ways. Exhaust fans, open windows, ventilators, and all of them together sometimes aren’t enough to deal with the strongest smells our kitchens are exposed to. So today, we're going to offer you a short list of creative and effective ways to deal with even the most unpleasant odors coming from your kitchen.

Vinegar is great at fighting kitchen odors
Vinegar is great at fighting kitchen odors | Source

1. Use The Same Weapon

Certain foods work hard to produce a stench in your kitchen. Why not use its own weapon against it? Mix five tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 cups of water in a saucepan and boil it for five to ten minutes. The acidic vinegar can neutralize all alkaline odors, leaving you with a slightly hint of vinegar in the air. Still not perfect, so while you are boiling your vinegar, use the nearby burner to simmer some of your favorite spices. Cinnamon and citrus peels do an excellent job masking the vinegar smell and will help polish off any remaining traces odor emitting from whatever pongy substance you were cooking before.

If you feel that the odor lingers on certain surfaces in your kitchen, you can use a slice of lemon or baking soda to deal with them. Just rub the lemon (or any other citrus fruit) against the surface to neutralize the odors. You can also leave several sliced lemons, coffee grounds, or baking soda lying around the kitchen to help absorb unpleasant smells overnight.

A Kitchen with no soft furnishings
A Kitchen with no soft furnishings | Source

2. Rethink Your Kitchen Design

The design of your kitchen may contribute to the smell. Odors have a nasty habit of sticking to fabrics. So if you have curtains in the kitchen, you either have to wash them as often as possible or get rid of them altogether.

Fortunately there are many wonderful solutions for covering your windows if necessary:

  • Indoor shutters – even though they may be expensive, these shutters don’t absorb odors anywhere near as much as fabric does. As a side benefit, they also provide more security to your home.

  • Window film – film doesn’t absorb odors. It’s easy to apply and remove while giving you extra privacy.

  • Stained glass – this creative and beautiful solution doesn’t absorb odors and even makes your kitchen look magical.

Think about your furniture choices either in or close to the kitchen. Do you have a sofa near the kitchen? If it has fabric and wooden components, move it to another room if possible. With time, fabric and wood will absorb odors and getting rid of them can become problematic. It is much more expensive to keep cleaning the sofa than investing in less absorbent furniture.

Buy a Good Air Purifier
Buy a Good Air Purifier | Source

3. Invest In An Air Purifier

Using exhaust fans can help improve air circulation in your kitchen. Unfortunately, most cooker range hoods come installed with small vents that are not effective enough to deal with strong smells. As an alternative, opening windows can help, but in cold weather this is simply not an option.

One of the smartest solutions for your kitchen is an air purifier. Some air purifiers come with special carbon filters, which are specifically designed to absorb odors. Along with the carbon filter, most air purifiers come equipped with other filter types that can suck up other contaminants from the air to make it super clean and fresh.

High-quality air purifiers equipped with thick carbon filters can deal with the strongest odors around, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh. As a bonus, air purifiers can deal with numerous allergens, viruses, and bacteria that may be floating around your kitchen and likely to contaminate food.

Clean as you cook
Clean as you cook | Source

4. Clean As You Cook

Cleaning as you cook can help avoid spreading unpleasant odors. Wipe the surfaces, get rid of oily spills, take out the garbage, and wash the dishes. The more dirty stuff you have lying around the kitchen while you cook, the more unpleasant odors you’ll have to fight later.

Don’t forget to de-stink the sink. The garbage disposer is the cause of many unpleasant odors. Pour half a cup of baking soda inside the disposer, add several ice cubes and run it. This will take care of the smell in the pipes as well.

Cleaning while cooking has numerous advantages. One of them is enjoying a spotless kitchen and reducing the burden of the mass cleanup after everyone has finished eating.

5. Practice Prevention

Consider the following tricks to prevent the odors from appearing in the first place:

  • When frying fish, put a teaspoon of peanut butter in the pan.

  • Put a mix of vinegar and water in a bowl next to the stove while cooking.

  • Add two or three slices of red pepper into the pot when cooking cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Final Thoughts

With the right approach, you can forget about the smelly kitchen forever. Start with rethinking the design, go on to preventive measures, be smart about the cooking process, and invest in the right equipment.


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