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How to remove stains from marble

Updated on March 16, 2011

Marble can get stains but you can remove them. Removing the stains from marble is not hard. This article will look into the ways you can remove those marble stains.
Marble is a porous material. Because of this, stains such as grease and oil including other types can be difficult to remove. The first step you should take when something discolours your marble is to clean it immediately. This will remove the stain and keep your marble shiny. If you don't clean it immediately, the stains will be absorbed into the marble and become difficult to remove.

Discolouration caused by wine and coffee can be removed by mixing lemon juice and salt. When you have mixed it, apply it on the stain and leave it for five minutes before cleaning it off.

Oil stains on marble are the most difficult to remove. This is because marble is a porous material and oil can seep through into it. This is why you should always clean all types of discolourations off marbles immediately, wether it be an oil stain or not. If you leave oil on marble for a long time, it may become very difficult, if not impossible to remove. This should be done if you want your marble to remain as beautiful as it was when you initially installed it.

Food stains can be removed from marbles by using hydrogen peroxide to clean the colours off. Once the stains are off, which is usually after some minutes, clean the marble to remove the hydrogen peroxide from the surface. Hydrogen peroxide should not stay long on marbles.

Stains on marble caused by lemon juice can be removed using baking soda. In order to remove this type of stain, you have to get some baking soda. Mix it with some water until it becomes a paste, apply it on the stains and leave it for some minutes until it dries up. After that, wipe it off with a wet cloth and then clean again with a dry cloth. This will remove stains caused by lemon juice. You can also remove stains caused by vinegar with this method.

Some stains like rust stains requires the use of marble cleaning products in order to successfully remove them. Again, remove the stains immediately before they turn to permanent stains. When they stay for too long, they can become impossible to remove. With these tips, you will be able to remove stains and keep your marble always beautiful.


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