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Render Gun

Updated on July 12, 2010

Sustainable Green Construction in Australia Relies on the Right Tools, and the Render Gun is One

The render gun is an essential tool for natural green construction. Use the render gun for straw bale rendering.

As construction projects in Australia and New Zealand bring more focus to environmental concern, the proper tools are becoming necessary to sustain "green" architecture that provides durable shelter and comfort while reducing the overall carbon footprint on the property. Render, a mixture of lime, sand, and concrete, provides a textured and visually appealing quality to buildings constructed with renewable materials. Applied when wet with a render gun, stucco hardens into a protective covering over walls and ceilings made of straw bale or papercrete - two of the more common materials used in green building.

This lens takes a look at how the render sprayer is used in environmentally sustainable construction, and how Australian and New Zealand contractors can purchase the right equipment for their work. You'll read more in depth on what stucco is, how it is applied, and what benefits one can experience using a tool to spray render.

Spraying render on a straw bale fence
Spraying render on a straw bale fence

Stucco Exterior Homes: Affordable, Natural, Durable

Nowhere else in the world do homeowners and owner-builders recognize the need to reduce waste and renew materials for comfortable than in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia and New Zealand stand at the forefront of green construction, with contractors actively making use of materials to produce energy efficient homes in rural and suburban areas. Natural insulation like straw bale stacked from floor to ceiling is covered in plaster or papercrete - a combination of soil or clay, re-pulped paper fiber and cement - to create walls with the tensile strength necessary to withstand the elements and severe weather. Similar to the concept of creating a papier-mâché craft, these renewable materials serve as a shell that shapes the building.

One advantage to the sustainable stucco-exterior home is that structual possibilities are not limited to traditional home designs. A journey into the more remote areas of Australia are likely to reveal rounded walls and domed roofs, and homes that more resemble the adobe huts of ancestral civilizations, only with modern conveniences and effective heating and cooling capabilities. Such houses also come with a much lower price to build and a quicker turnaround than traditional wood and concrete construction - a small cabin of straw bale fortified by earthen plaster, for example, can be completed in a matter of weeks. The render can either be left as applied or finished conventionally with a wooden or steel float.

Stucco: a Recipe for Building Success

Whether you own property in populated Sydney or Melbourne, or in other regions like Brisbane and Alice Springs, you will find at your disposal the ingredients for stucco, or render. If you have a particular design or texture in mind, you have the benefit with render of creating a customized mix that will define your home, provided you maintain a good ratio of cement and soil to water so what you use to coat your walls hardens correctly. Red clay, sand, and darker earth each lend natural tones to your house exterior that complement the overall green quality of the structure.

Once you have the frame of the building in place, with either chicken wire or heavier paper covering bales to help lower the risk of water absorption within the walls, applying stucco or natural plaster comes easily. A portable render gun is often used to expedite the process; this device features a long handle with a trigger that supports a wide-mouthed trough for holding the wet render mixture. Render is "shot" from the gun through holes at the bottom of of large funnel-like cup, permitting the user to spray an even layer over the walls. Because render hardens quicker than traditional cement, homeowners may take possession sooner. The render gun rapidly applies any kind of render.

As with any wood or concrete exterior house, stucco walls may also be stained or tinted to increase the overall appeal. Natural earth tones that blend into the backdrop of the Australian bush are popular among owners of sustainable homes.

Questions about using stucco sprayers for home and commercial building? Call 800-669-3272 (US number).

Ready to Render? - Get the best sprayer on the market.

Stucco Sprayer - 4 Jet Wall Sprayer - Made in the USA - One Year Warranty - Finish the job faster
Stucco Sprayer - 4 Jet Wall Sprayer - Made in the USA - One Year Warranty - Finish the job faster

This plastering machine for rendering and applied wall finishes is a great tool to speed up your building process and save you labor! Use the render gun with a minimum 7 cfm at 90 psi compressor. For the larger jets, use at least a 12 cfm at 90 psi or larger compressor. Our stucco spraying tools are used to spray mortar, plaster, stucco, small scale shotcrete, papercrete, GFRC, earthen mixes and more. They are used for traditional plastering and many alternative building methods.

The stucco sprayers can apply stucco on Straw bale, Earth bag, insulated panels and thin shell ferrocement. These sprayers open up the world of small scale shotcrete and LVSC (Low Velocity Sprayed Concrete) in structures like SCIPs (Structural Concrete Insulated Panels). This stucco sprayer is for heavy applications of 1/4" to 1" thickness.

This plastering tool is NOT for thin drywall textures. Typically it is used for brown coat, scratch coat, base coat, and slip coat applications and for use with tyrolean render, applied coatings, pebbledashing, and harling. Compressor not included.


Watch Rendering in Action

See how quality render guns are used to apply stucco to buildings with ease. Pebbledash, applied wall finishings, and wet-dashing are simple with this hand-held rendering tool.

Why You Should Buy a Render Gun

Using a Render Gun
Using a Render Gun

Are you an owner-builder in Australia or New Zealand interested in providing more environmentally friendly options for home construction? Are you a "do it yourself" type with a knack for building, ready to create your dream sustainable house? It's important to have the right tools for the job, and whether you choose to fortify your house with earthbags, burlapcrete, or straw bales, you need the right mix of render or earth plaster to protect the frame, and a render gun that moves the job along with ease.

Buying a render gun is great investment for your construction needs. Priced under $300 US, this is a tool that pays for itself in the overall durability of your building projects. For a one-room cottage, a vaulted-ceiling cabin, or even a larger structure designed for community use, this device can evenly spray render and help in a timely turnaround.

Why purchase a render gun? Green contractors are well aware of the benefits, which include:

Improved turnaround: Render guns apply render in a timelier fashion as opposed to manual application. You'll cover more ground than you normally would using a trowel, allowing you to expedite adding more coats to the home's shell if needed.

Better quality results: When you spray render through a specialized gun, more water is retained within the device. This helps balance the water/cement ratio of the stucco, which in turn decreases the risk of cracking and damage down the road.

Improved adhesion: Sprayed render wraps around the construction materials and penetrates straw bale deeper when applied with more force. Hand application, regardless of the diligence of the works, simply cannot reproduce similar action. Better adhesion of the render helps with the overall bonding of the materials.

Less maintenance required: Plaster pumps require more care and aren't as durable as the render gun. Hand application, while a viable option, can lead to fatigue and injury depending on the scale of the project.

Cleaner use and finish: Unlike the plaster pump, which has a tendency to clog, the render gun works longer to provide even stucco coats, and is easier to clean.

For a versatile tool in green construction that lasts and creates lasting home exteriors, the render gun is an important addition to your arsenal. Easy to use, clean, and store, you'll find the render gun is helpful with any building projects involving renewable materials.

If you are looking for render or stucco information, we are proud to serve Australia and New Zealand with the tools you need for straw bale, interior plaster, and exterior stucco construction. Please contact us today at 800-669-3272 or leave your question/comment below.

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      6 years ago

      Very informative lens. Thanks for sharing!!

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      8 years ago

      Hi Are you able to provide the cost of the tirolessa stucco sprayer and the freight to Melbourne please. Thanks Solomon

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      8 years ago

      This is the first time I read about this amazing gadget! Thanks this is very informative!

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      8 years ago

      new tools for easy construction, great work


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