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Garbage Disposal Repair

Updated on April 26, 2015

If your home has a garbage disposal machine attached to your kitchen sink, you do tend to get rather used to this very easy means of disposing of kitchen waste. There are more environmentally friendly ways of doing this, by turning the waste into valuable compost, but the majority of people see the garbage disposal unit they have installed, as a far more convenient alternative.

What happens, however, when this machine breaks down and stops functioning as it should? Calling in the repairman can take time and cost you a fair amount of money, and you can be never sure that you will have to go in for a more expensive total replacement of your unit. It is only to be hoped, that you have gone through the instruction manual , after its original installation and followed its do’s and don’t’s. If you have not, then make sure that you do refresh your memory and check on whether you have gone against some of the manufacturer’s instructions, which may have led to the breakdown. Most of these machines have a reset button, or some screw that will need an Allen screwdriver to operate it. A simple resetting of the machine, can lead to most machines working again. Make sure you have the power switched off, and the machine cleared of any obstructions in it, before you reset it.

Small garbage particles can build up in the unit and need to be removed, with the use of cleaners and enzymes, which will also prevent fruit flies from making your unit a place of residence. Use a flashlight to look down the drain, to check whether some piece of cutlery has not got mixed up with the garbage. Unclog it and try your disposal unit. For all you know, you will have it working again. Avoid throwing into the disposal items that are rich in fiber, as they can cause the unit to get clogged. Never put your hand into the shredder while it is working, to help it shred difficult pieces. Far better, you stop the machine and remove whatever has offended your sense of propriety. Make sure that you never overload your garbage disposal unit, as this is one sure way of causing it to burn out, when the motor gets overloaded. You may need to replace shredder blades occasionally, if your usage is far above the normal.

Garbage disposal units are appliances that must be used with a proper knowledge of their limitations. If you strictly follow the original instructions, there is no reason, why it should not give you years of efficient service. Call in the experts if you do find problems you cannot solve. It is better than tinkering with it, and making the problem worse than it is.


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