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Resin Animal Garden Statues

Updated on July 4, 2015

A Little Wild Life in the Garden!

Having a number of animal garden statues in your yard can bring some fun and whimsy to any yard. There are all sorts of animal statues available from dogs and cats to more exotic animals such as elephants and alligators!

Perhaps you like birds. There are a number of different garden statues available here too. You can have ones that are stylized or ones that are almost realistic. As well you can have animal garden statues that act as bird feeders or baths.

Whatever type of animal garden statue you choose for your garden, you will also know that they will bring delight and fun to any area of your garden.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Retriever Dog Carrying Solar Lantern - Let this retriever light the way!

GTMax Tan/Brown Retriever Dog Carry Solar Lantern B5190A(set of 1)
GTMax Tan/Brown Retriever Dog Carry Solar Lantern B5190A(set of 1)

If you love dogs you will love this solar dog light for your garden. You can place him along side a garden path or patio to light the way at night. It uses LED lights which are solar powered and has a sensor for turning the light on when it gets dark.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this garden statue: "We had to put our 10 year old golden retriever to sleep in December. The statue is very comforting to us, and reminds us that Chamois is still in our hearts. Statue is well made and the solar light works very well."


Asian Elephant Sculpture by 'Kammoon' Khwan Barton

Design Toscano Ocean's Perch Pelican Statue
Design Toscano Ocean's Perch Pelican Statue

Here’s what one happy customer had to say about this pelican statue: ”The pelicans are wonderful. They are on the corner of my patio wall & look very realistic. I am so pleased with the lifelike features and coloring.”

Design Toscano The Majesty of Swan Lake Sculpture - Set of Two
Design Toscano The Majesty of Swan Lake Sculpture - Set of Two

This set of two swans is a perfect addition around the pool or a pond. The designers have hand painted this bird to capture the grace and beauty as it attempts to lift off.


Statues in the Garden

Adding garden statues to your yard will only enhance and add interest to your landscaping. They are also a great way to set a certain mood in your garden.

There are many types of statues, from children to animal sculptures. They can be classical or whimsical. As well they can even double as bird feeders, lighting or wind chimes.

One good way to use garden statues is as a focal point in the garden. A flower bed can instantly draw your attention with a well-placed statue. Even in winter, garden statues can add interest to a garden.

A formal garden might have hedges with classical gods and goddess statues. In a whimsical garden you might have fairy or angle statues. Or perhaps you want to have a jungle or safari theme so you would add lions, giraffes or elephants to the yard. They can be placed amid tall grasses or small trees.

There are even statues of wizards and dragons that could make for a mystical garden. Creeping plans and vines are a good addition to this type of garden.

Perhaps you would like your garden to amuse you then adding gnome statues might be the way to go. There is a large variety of gnomes available to fit any garden size or theme.

Overall there are many types and styles of garden statues so you will have endless possibilities to add them to your yard and garden.

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