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Resin Buddha Garden Statues

Updated on December 6, 2014

A Place of Tranquility!

An Asia theme is very popular when it comes to landscaping a garden and the Buddha garden statue is a popular addition.

They can be the focal point of the garden or they can blend into the shrubbery. But mostly these types of garden statues lend a calm and serene mood to the landscape.

There are a number of different Asian themed statues that you can add to the garden. Some Buddha statues have a Thai expression while other can be Japanese or Chinese.

Whatever expression they have, these Buddha garden statues make a wonderful addition to your garden whether it has an Asian theme or not!

Images courtesy of Amazon

Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts Statue

The five precepts in Buddhism are a code of ethics. These precepts relate how one can abstain from harming living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and intoxication. In this Buddha statue, the five precepts are represented in the book the statue is holding.

Here is what one customer had to say about this Buddha statue: "I bought this statue to sit next to our waterfall and pond in our backyard. We already have a Maitreya-Buddha statue back there, and I thought this bookish Baby Buddha would suit perfectly, and it does."

100 Buddhas - Part1 Calming Meditation Music and Images

Jolly Hotei Buddha Garden Statue - Add This Happy Buddha to Your Garden!

Cheer up yourself and your garden with this happy Buddha garden statue. Did you know it is tradition to rub the belly of a Buddha! It is said that if you rub his ears you will obtain wisdom and rubbing his hands will bring you gold!

Sitting Buddha Garden Statue

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this Buddha garden statue:"I was a bit worried about how the finish would last through the weather. It has now passed through a very cold Utah winter, rainy spring, dessert summer and once again snow.

There are no signs of wear or deterioration on the finish at all."

100 Buddhas - Part2 - Meditative, Calming Music and Images

Enlightened Buddha

This smiling Buddha stands nearly four feet tall and has stylized lotus at his feet. Made of resin with a burnished finish that looks like bronze, he will stand proudly in your garden.

Here is what one customer had to say about this Buddha statue: "This female Buddha overlooks our yard and has become a way for our grandchildren to touch her hands and assume her pose. The elements here in Denver have done little to change the resins patina nor the statue's grace."

The Bodh Gaya Buddha Statue

This Buddha statue has a look of calm and serenity about him. The resin statue has shades of green, lavender, bronze and stone that makes him a perfect fixture in any garden.

Floating on a stylized lotus, this 2.5 foot-tall Buddha sculpture has a calm countenance and endless serenity. Enjoy him on an entryway table or in an outdoor meditation garden.

Cast in quality designer resin and intricately hand-painted, this is another fine Toscano exclusive.

Alpine Buddha Water Fountain

This Buddha water fountain is said to bring good fortune to any garden. The water is illuminated making it even more spectacular at night.

Here is what one customer had to say about this Buddha water fountain: "The product shipped in time with great packaging. The item looks very nice and serene in our flowerbed. Perfect size too. The original transformer didn’t work but a replacement was sent in a few days with no questions. The company and amazon made it a pleasant shopping experience."

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    • profile image

      Nick Mallory 2 years ago

      I like this idea. I think that adding a Buddha statue to our garden would really give it more of an Eastern feel, which is what we're going for. I like that one that you said brings good fortune the garden. Our garden could have used that this past year. Thanks for the post!