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Resin Garden Fairy Statues

Updated on October 3, 2014

Fairies in the Garden!

I love being able to walk around a garden and discover hidden among the plants fairy statues. These little whimsical statues can add some magic to a garden. They come in many different sizes but my favorite has to be the little fairy statues that can be sprinkled throughout the flowers beds or sit on a rock or two.

These types of statues can be found in gardens large and small. Some even have LED lights to light a path at night while others can be included in a fountain.

You can make a garden formal or informal depending on the type of fairy garden statue you choose. Adding different plants can also make a difference with the type of garden you end up with although I have to say my favorite is the English garden. These types of gardens arenĂ¢t formal and they make a great way to hide a few fairy statues around the plants.

Make your garden a place to hang out or a place to explore but remember to add some "magic" to your garden with a fairy garden statue.

Image: Green Fairy on Mushroom

Earth Fairy Garden Statuary

Ilana an Earth Fairy has a number of sisters to share the garden with her including Miranda and Callia. These little fairies will be a great addition to your garden. Something to take into consideration: if you are going to put them in direct sunlight I recommend that you repaint them as they can fade.

Fairy garden statues will add an element of fun to your garden and she may even bring you some good luck! They have been crafted with attention to detail and should make the perfect piece to add to your collection of fairy garden statues.

Sunflower Fairy Garden Statue

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this statue: "I sent this to my mother for Mother's Day. She was very ecstatic when it arrived. The Sunflower Fairy is sitting in her garden overlooking her pond. She is pretty with a lot of detail and a nice size."

Design Toscano The Sunflower Fairy Statue
Design Toscano The Sunflower Fairy Statue

This charming fairy garden statue has a wreath of flowers in her hair and a petal skirt. She is holding a sunflower bowl in her hands. Exquisitely detailed, this fairy garden statue will look lovely beside a pool or pond. Made of quality designer resin with a two-tone finish she will stand up to most weather conditions and look great for many years.


An Enchanted Garden

I have to say that I love to collect fairy figurines so having them in my garden is a fun way for me to collect even more fairies and perhaps they will bring their magic and reward my garden with beautiful, healthy plants and flowers!

They make a great addition to any garden theme. They look lovely sitting on an old tree stump or beside a pond or pool.

Some people actually like to display their fairy statues in what is called a fairy circle. All you need to do is place the statue on your lawn or in a flower bed and then surround the statue with a circle of flowers. They will also look amazing just peeking out behind a bush or shrub.

One way I like to display these statues is to have more than one so they look like they are a family of fairies. You will be able to find a number of statues that have similar coloring and design to make an interesting grouping in the garden.

No matter how you choose to display fairy statues in your garden I'm sure they can only bring a little magic and fun to the garden!

Blossom Fairy Statue Video

Kissing Fairy Garden Statue

This lovely kissing fairy garden statue is 35 inches tall and is made of resin with a bronze finish. She will look great in the garden or at the edge of a pond or pool. This statue is easy to take care of but should be brought inside when the weather gets to freezing.

An Ode to Fairies!

We the Fairies, blithe and antic,

Of dimensions not gigantic,

Though the moonshine mostly keep us,

Oft in orchards frisk and peep us.

~Thomas Randolph

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature.

Lynn Holland

Pondering Fairy Statue

How pretty is she! This fairy statue will lend a magical presence to any garden. She has beautifully detailed wings and is in a sitting pose.

From the workshop of Evelyn Myers Hartley, this fairy statue is made of quality designer resin with a faux stone finish and will look lovely whether in your garden or on the deck or patio.

Beautiful Gardens Video

Solar Powered Fairy Garden Statue

This fairy statue will make a lovely addition to your outdoor deck, patio or garden. Made of high-quality resin she is durable so she will keep her looks for many years.

Moonrays 91351 Solar Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Cardinal
Moonrays 91351 Solar Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Cardinal

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this statue: "She is just as pretty in the day as she is in the night. It is really fun to watch her Cardinal bird light up when the sun goes down. She is unique, and that makes her a topic of conversation. She has been able to withstand heavy rain and strong winds and strong sun."


How to Take Care of Your Garden Statue

Your garden statue may need little or no care, depending on where you live, or it may need to be taken inside during the winter months. If you get freezing temperatures in the winter, move your garden statue indoors such as a garage or basement.

You will find that garden statues made of resin have the best chance of surviving bad weather. These types of statues are designed to be able to take more harsh weather than a painted statue or even some concrete statues that might crack in freezing weather. As well some painted statues tend to fade in strong sunlight.

If it is not possible to move your statue indoors during winter, you can apply a water sealant to the statue to prevent water from seeping into cracks and breaking the statue.

Garden statues are easy to clean. All you need is some plain soap and water and either a toothbrush or a small soft scrub brush so you can get into the nooks and folds of the statue. Once all the dirt has been removed you can simply rinse with water to remove all traces of soap and then let it air dry.

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    • profile image

      Eugene Dean 2 years ago

      The fairy in the last photograph is my favorite. She has more color than all of the others. I have several resin statues in my yard, but none like that. They are all either white or gray. However, all my statues have a fantasy theme. That little fairy would fit right in.

    • profile image

      clairabel 3 years ago

      I HAD a garden fairy, about 3 feet tall or more , almost drinking from a shell. She was a white resin, and beautiful! Alas, she was stolen! From my GARAGE! I KNOW!! Ive been trying to replace her for TWO yearsto no avail. I can email you pictures, I'm looking for someone who knows where I can buy heragain. Thanks for any help you can can give. Claire