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Retractable Tape Measure

Updated on September 7, 2014

A must-have tool that is always in my bag!

Which nifty household tool is also a must-have handbag item? Why, the retractable tape measure of course! Whilst it is indispensable in the home in every imaginable kind of D.I.Y. project from measuring floor tiles, to fitting cupboards and bookshelves, it is surprisingly useful when out and about, for measuring everything from clothing to furniture when shopping.

If you enjoy visiting market stalls selling vintage items keeping a tape measure in your bag is the best way of double-checking non-standard sizes of hand crafted items or picture frames for example. The human memory is notoriously bad when it comes to remembering exact dimensions - I never go anywhere without a notepad and a tape measure!

Gardeners will also find the steel retractable blade the ideal rule for measuring proper seed planting depth and the correct distances between plants.

Planning your garden with Stanley!

Planning your garden with Stanley!
Planning your garden with Stanley!

The best retractable tape measure! - My personal favorite in the Stanley range

My first encounter with the retractable tape measure is probably one common to many people - when my parents measured my height as a child. Children LOVE to chart their growth progress and many a kitchen wallpaper carries those tell-tale pencil marks up the wall. I remember "Stanley" as the brand name that my father always seemed to have in his tool box, so have naturally gravitated to their excellent range of tools.

Measuring the snow! © _rockinfree

Measuring the snow! © _rockinfree
Measuring the snow! © _rockinfree

Looking for a different kind of tape measure? - Search the full Stanley range below!

How are Stanley tape rules made?

This video highlights the innovative methods and technology behind the production of each and every tape rule manufactured at its New Britain, Connecticut plant.

Carry a tape measure in your camera bag

My Olympus Trip 35 and trusty Stanley tape measure!
My Olympus Trip 35 and trusty Stanley tape measure!

I have very recently rediscovered the joys of analogue photography and have been exploring the world of vintage rangefinder cameras. Whilst I'm feeling my way, however, one tool has been of enormous help and has become my number one must-have piece of kit in my camera bag too - my retractable tape measure once again. Rangefinder cameras are very easy to get the hang of, but judging distances can be quite tricky at the start. Never be afraid to actually measure the distance between you and your subject when you're just starting out!

Olympus Trip & Stanley 3m rule © Deborah Swain

Kids love tape measures! Photo © Abhisek Sarda

Kids love tape measures! © Abhisek Sarda
Kids love tape measures! © Abhisek Sarda

Extra-special tape measure skills!

Creative Commons Photo Credits

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Would not be without one. Have several in different lengths

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm not sure how many tape measures I have, but I'm sure its about a half dozen. :)