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Reverse Osmosis System Reviews - Today's Most Advanced RO Systems

Updated on October 25, 2015

Current Reverse Osmosis System Reviews - 2014's Best Rated Systems

This year's reverse osmosis system reviews will focus on models that are dedicated to providing filtered water for drinking, ice makers, and the dishwasher. One of the best ways to accommodate these items is with an under counter or under sink mounted unit. I am currently using one system that is mounted under my sink to provide drinking water. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at how the unit would perform but, to my surprise, it worked like a charm. After having the system for several years now I couldn't imagine living without one.

I was so impressed at how amazing the water tasted and at how well the unit performed I even installed one under my bathroom sink. I know what you are thinking. The bathroom? Well, I couldn't stand the taste of my water when I was brushing my teeth and I tend to get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. (It is a long walk from my bedroom to the kitchen) So, why not? There are many different systems with different sizes available so installing one wasn't that difficult and I was already remodeling the bathroom.

There are a lot of benefits to this kind of setup. They remove many toxins, chemicals, and other harmful substances that can lead to health problems or add to existing ailments. Some people claim that this type of filtration can be more harmful than not due to the removal of beneficial minerals that are naturally present in the water to begin with. Honestly, I can't tell you either way which is more correct. I just know that with an RO unit the water tastes better and I know that I am not drinking any harsh chemicals or poisonous elements like arsenic and lead that can be found in city and well water.

Below, you will find featured some of the top rated units that are mountable under your sink or under the counter. If you are looking for a great unit then just about any of these models will work great for your home. Remember, before you get one of these models make sure you have sufficient space to install them. Also, if you don't think you are up to the task to install them yourself then by all means have a professional do it for you. You might pay a little extra for the installation but, believe me, it's worth it to know it has been installed correctly.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Best Reverse Osmosis System

What Is The Best Reverse Osmosis Water System?

I love using a reverse osmosis system for my drinking water. I have it installed under my sink where it is out of the way and hidden from view. The water it filters tastes so much better than the water that comes straight from the city.

In addition to the water tasting better, it is better for you. In my opinion, the fewer the chemicals in my drinking water the better. They do a fantastic job at removing unwanted elements that can be harmful to your health. There are many different views on whether RO setups are better for you than normally treated city water but, I have always preferred RO water over City or well water.

These setups are very easy to install for do-it-yourselfer's or can be installed for a small fee by a certified plumber. They are relatively inexpensive and are very beneficial in treating well water and city water. If you are looking to filter your drinking water then any of the models pictured below will work great.

Tap Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis System

Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

How Does A Reverse Osmosis System Work?

Best Water Filtration Systems For Home

What Are The Best Reverse Osmosis Systems?

When it comes to the treatment of whole house, RO may not be the best solution. RO uses a lot of water during the process of filtering. Depending on the model you may see the use of 3 or 4 gallons to make 1 gallon of treated water. If you are paying monthly for water from the city then the cost can add up quickly. If you use a well system then the cost may be minimal.

If you are looking for a way to treat hard water for your entire home then a water softener may be your best bet. The softener removes elements that cause hard water and lime build up. The water is usually treated with salt pellets that can leave a salty taste but, is still okay to drink. I used a water softener for years to treat my well water until I finally caved in and started using City water.

If your only concern is treating water for drinking then RO is the best way to go. You can also use both a water softener and RO at the same time. The under sink RO setup will treat only the water you want treated on a dedicated line or for your kitchen faucet. Below you will find a few more of the top rated setups for installation under the sink or counter top.

Watts Premier 531418 EZ RO4 Reverse Osmosis with QC 50 GPD Membrane

Home Master TMULTRA Ultra RO Undersink Reverse Osmosis System

Watts 500032 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, Ultra 5

Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

What Are The Best Water Filtration Systems For Home That Remove Fluoride?

When it comes to Fluoride, many reports have come to light about the dangers of too much fluoride causing more harm than good. This substance is added to City county drinking water as an aid to help prevent tooth decay. In the right amounts I'm sure there is nothing to worry about but, too much of one thing can, at times, be damaging.

I have never really worried about fluoride levels in drinking water and have never personally heard about anyone I know ever developing complications from it. I'm sure this depends greatly on the location the water is coming from. If you are concerned about the composition of your water then I highly recommend getting it tested so you will know what's in it.

As for what setups work best at removing this substance, RO is the way to go. This type of filtration allows only the purest form of the water to pass through, nearly eliminating all of the dangerous elements and chemicals during the process. I have featured below some of the best units for removing harmful substances. They also have some of the best reviews of all of the models.

Purenex RO-6-100 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with Storage Tank

Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Best Under Sink Water Filter

What Is The Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

There are many different models out there that all say they are the best. I have used a few different systems in the past and have found several different units that work great. As of now, I have one unit installed under my kitchen sink and just recently installed a unit in a family members' home.

Some of the best models use more than one filter to process the water. A unit that uses 5 filters is probably the best bet for drinking water. Each time the water passes through a filter more substances and chemicals are removed. Each filter is rated to remove certain elements and chemicals. I currently use a model that uses 5 filters and have been extrememly pleased with it.

Mounting a unit under the sink can be tricky. It is important to make sure there is more than enough room for all of the components to fit. It is also important that you have enough room to be able to move around and be able to work with tools while under the sink. Below you will find some of the best units for mounting under the counter top or below the sink. Any of these models will work great and are highly rated.

Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Purenex RO-6-100 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with Storage Tank

Water Filter Systems For Home

What Is The Best Water Filter System For Home?

There are so many different setups for filtering water at home it can be hard to choose which unit will work best. As I have stated before, it really just depends on your needs and what type of water you have. Well water is notoriously difficult to treat and county water is already treated with added chemicals and other elements.

Either way you have it there are great benefits to adding RO to your existing setup. Which model is the best? Again, it just depends on how much water you want to keep ready for use, how much pressure you will need, and how much room you have to install the unit. I know, there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge and getting your first unit.

The best advice I can give is to look at as many different models as you can and read about how they are installed, the size of the unit, and reviews from others who have already tried the unit. All of the units on this page feature a section where you can read all of the reviews from verified buyers. This is one of the best ways to decide which model to get.

Tap Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filtration System

Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Installing Your Premier 5 Stage RO Water Filtration System

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I'd Love Your Feedback - What experiences have you had with home water filtration systems?

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      5 years ago

      Nice lens - we filter our drinking water and have been thinking about a whole house system..

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      5 years ago

      Very interesting lens - pinned to my board "Products I love." Clean water is very important.


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