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A New Decorating or Furniture Design Idea That Will Blow You Away But Not Your Budget

Updated on April 4, 2011

You Can Change

To This
To This

Reversible Rooms In Minutes

Being able to change the entire look of a room in minutes without spending a fortune to do it has never been easier.  It can also be a DIY project or something you can modify from the manufacturer

I call it “Reversible Rooms” because it literally allows you the ability to change the entire look of the room according to your taste or season in minutes without blowing your budget. 

Although I developed the design originally gearing it towards sofas, love seats, and chairs made of fabric, with the new combination of leather and fabric/suede/etc the design can be used on anything from a futon to a sectional.

Reversible Rooms Concept

If you take a look at the pictures, (courtesy of you can literally buy the fabric and have reversible cushions made (DIY, upholstery store, school, seamstress, etc) or just order an extra set when you purchase the sofa (not the reversible concept of course). 
Depending on your budget the possibilities are endless.

 You can even build a frame for a sofa, (easiest is like a futon) and buy the foam for the cushions and make them yourself.

As you can see (behind Hooch my dog) I did this (bought it used) several years ago when I was interested in spending more money on property for pets than my furniture, (some things never change) I just bought a used wood chair and sofa that was in dire need of rehab, bought some “on sale” fabric and foam and it was perfect for what I needed

Can’t Afford to Go Buy New Furniture

If your living room furniture is ready for a change, or your like me and want to change it whether it needs it or not, here’s a project.
Measure the cushions, get your fabric (online or store) that will match the base, (remember you can get two different designs) and if you have a sewing machine get started. You can go with something that’s top of the line (suggest seamstress/upholstery store for sewing) or something on sale that your going to replace again in 6 months. The last fabric I bought was on sale for $2.00 a yard and I loved it.
OK I know you might be thinking this is to hard with zippers and reversible and all that, but with Velcro or just making a long fold it’s not that difficult.
I have drawn a pattern type (I am not an artist so beware) that I used for you to look at, but I assure you it is not to scale by any means.

HINT  If the cushions are rectangular or square in shape this is a lot easier than trying to do odd shapes  Believe me you will be taking on a task that is better left to the pros if that’s the case.

Pillows and Leftover Fabric

Pillows are the same concept, except you are probably going to want to just square the shape, without a flap, and secure them with Velcro or a reversible zipper (depending on your sewing skills).
Have Leftover Fabric Keep It
Make yourself a bed for the dogs/cats/snakes(just kidding) etc, that will match your furniture. How great is that and if you don’t want to buy the foam just go to your local feed store, (if your close to Dundee, Fl, go to Dundee Feed and Hardware) and get yourself a bag, or bags of cedar shavings to fill it with.  It smells great, no fleas, mites, etc and your company will start wondering where you got the money to redecorate so often :)

What About the Curtains

That’s why I call it reversible rooms, you just get a fabric or two that you like and match, sew them together, (a lot easier if they hang from a pole not clips) and you can reverse them as needed.

Again the possibilities are Endless

OK I’ve given you my secrets now get busy I would really appreciate a picture if your up for the challenge.

Sorry about some of the white lines in the photos I just couldn't seem to get rid of them

Have an incredible day and let me know what you think

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