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Revolving Bookshelves | Spinning Rotating Bookcases | Round Bookshelf

Updated on July 21, 2014

The revolving bookcase is a traditional piece of furniture which is making something of a comeback in modern times and for good reason. This is an elegant piece of furniture which invokes some old world charm whilst at the same time offering a neat, functional and attractive item to accent your home decor. Also known as carousel bookcases, these are essentially comprised of a three or four shelf bookcase or display stand which revolves around a central spindle on casters.

There are standalone rotating bookcases or there are carousel bookshelf tables which combine an end or side table with a rotating bookshelf. In these, the square or circular tabletop stays in place whilst the shelves underneath rotate to provide easy access to the items held therein. They are particularly useful because they allow you to make use of the space below a side table for storing books which is ideal for making the most out of limited space in smaller rooms.

Children's revolving bookcases are also a popular piece of furniture for playrooms and kids bedrooms and these are often designed and decorated in more vibrant and interesting styles to suit their vibrant personalities. These can be found in styles for both boys and girls with themes like rocket ships and baseball for boys and pink princess castles for girls. Whatever you are looking for I have assembled a great collection below for your perusal.

Round Revolving Bookshelves

In more modern furniture the rotating bookshelf is commonly seen as a combination side table with bookshelf combined. These multifunctional table bookshelves typically feature a fixed non-rotating tabletop with a revolving book rack below which can be used to house books, magazines etc. and rotates without spinning the tabletop around so you don't run the risk of losing unsecured things like drinks from the table itself. These elegant pieces of furniture look good in any home and are ideal for saving space when you haven't got the room to go adding in more shelves for books but hate having novels lying all around the house.

Spinning Bookshelves For Children

Reading is something worth encouraging in children of all ages. Making their bookshelves fun can help make the idea of reading fun and giving them their very own brightly colored bookshelf is an ideal way to make their books more appealing. A revolving bookcase for children will often come in bright child friendly colors and may be animal shaped, or otherwise decorated to bring a sense of fun to the furniture. The following selection of revolving bookcases for kids are ideal for any child's bedroom. Rather than take up a lot of wall space, these will fit neatly into a corner and rotate around so you can make use of all that vertical space.

Guidecraft Moon and Stars - Media Storage Carousel
Guidecraft Moon and Stars - Media Storage Carousel

Ideal for any young child's bedroom this revolving bookcase for kids has ample storage space for books of all shapes and sizes, or can be used as a rotating media storage case for DVDs, video games, etc. It is made from sturdy hardwood and rotates smoothly around the base for easy access to all storage areas. Customers love the whimsical moon and stars cut outs and comment positively on the overall quality and ease of assembly of this children's bookcase.


More Unisex Revolving Bookcases For Children's Books

Revolving Bookshelf For Girls

Need something a little more feminine for your little princess' bedroom? These girly revolving bookcases feature beautiful designs aimed to please the little girl in your life. Adorned with butterflies and princess crowns the following selection of pretty pink bookcases are ideal furniture for any young girls bedroom.

Rotating Bookcase Carousel For Boys

Not a pink bookcase in sight here amongst this selection of sports and masculine themed furniture for boys bedrooms. From sports themed bookshelves to a fireman theme bookshelf to rocket ship designs, there's a book case for the little boy in your life here.

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  • profile image

    sojourner-1 4 years ago

    These are the neatest things--I have not seen this before. Nice lens.

  • Sylvestermouse profile image

    Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

    These revolving bookshelves are awesome! I would love to have several in my home.

  • ismeedee profile image

    ismeedee 5 years ago

    I was surprised by these- love those ones for kids, what a great idea!!

  • TwistedWiseman profile image

    TwistedWiseman 5 years ago

    I am going to need those bookcases! What better way to browse and not have to walk from bookcase to bookcase to find your book. JUST SPIN It and there we go, Reading Rift wars again :)