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The Riding Lawn Mower Guide

Updated on September 30, 2014

Who Needs a Ride On Lawn Tractor?

If you want to know when you need to get a ride-on lawn mower, a rule of thumb is when you have an acre or more of lawn to cut. If your property is hilly though, you may even want to get one for smaller gardens.

When you compare gas to performance, a riding lawn mower does a more efficient job than a hand-driven machine

For contractors, you need one if you have more than one property to serve with more than half an acre in each. If you do contracting, you obviously also need to think about how you are going to transport the ride mower between locations.

Before You Start Your Riding Mower Search

The harder part is choosing what brand and what kind of lawnmower to buy. Before you do so, it would help if you know the following information:

Shape and size of your lawn? Large areas need big machinesMany obstacles you need to navigate around? Get a zero-turn mower which is highly maneuverableDo you want to use the lawnmower for more than just cutting the grass? Make sure it can take attachmentsIs your lawn soft or rugged or hard? Soft lawns with elevations require bigger wheels

Top Rated Riding Lawn Mower

bestselling husqvarna lawn tractor
bestselling husqvarna lawn tractor

Husqvarna make quality products - at a reasonable price. A true lawn tractor is a pretty big investment and not somethng you go out and buy everyday. Husqvarna consistently hold the bestselling slots for garden tools and machines and is a safe buy based on a track record of a Swedish company founded in 1680. More than 300 years of tool development does make a difference.

Bestselling Husqvarna 42-Inch 20 HP Lawn Tractor with Hydrostatic Transmission

Get a Comfortable Ride-on Mower

If your yard has slopes and rough, then get a powerful engine. If you are not that confident in your driving skills, get an automatic transmission.

Size of wheels also has a impact on comfort and the bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride. In general, the bigger the machine the more comfortable the driving space is, with more ample seats and further distance to the steering wheel.

Comfort details like these might end up making a big difference for you, especially if you have a large property or intend to work as a contractor with the mower.

Electric Mowers for Smaller Lawns
If you just need to cut the lawn of a smaller property, then a electric mower will probably fit your needs.

These have seen a rapid development and are now comparable to gas engine mowers in performance.

Lawn Tractor Safety

There have been numerous accidents involving lawn mowers so don't overlook the safety features of the machine. Here are some things to look for:

* Lock mechanism must be activated before the mower is turned on

* Automatically shuts down when the rider leaves the seat

* Redundant break systems

How Much Power Does a Ride-On Lawn Mower Need?

A motorized four-wheel mower is a vehicle. As such, the engine and transmission are key components. There are three options in transmissions: automatic, manual and hydrostatic.

Automatic and hydrostatic transmissions saves you from having to shift gears, something that is especially convenient if your lawn has steep slopes. However, it is requires a bit more maintenance and is a more expensive.

A mower with manual transmission is cheaper (and weighs less) but will require you to exercise more control over the vehicle.

Poulan 42-Inch Lawn Tractor - 15 HP is plenty

How much horsepower does your lawn tractor need to have? My suggestion: don't worry about it too much and leave it to the manufacturer. Make your decision on how big you want your machine to be (how wide it cuts), if it needs to do more than just cut (get a riding lawn tractor), and the level of comfort. The HP will generally have been designed to offer enough power to support what every model is intended for.

Cutting Corners with a Riding Mower

Some riding mowers have a very short turn radius. Most of these turn by having dual transmissions which enable the rear wheel on one side to go on way and the other side in reverse. The front wheels on these so called zero turn riding mowers do not have a no steering capability and simply act as support wheels.

One residential lawn tractor that sets itself apart from all others is the 46 inch Snapper AWS which is a lawn tractor with all wheel steering enabling it to easily turn around on a dime.

Do you have a lot of garden to take care of?

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