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Rocker Knife

Updated on April 26, 2013

Rocker Knife

Rocker or rocking knives are often used for cutting foods like pizza and vegetables. You'll find a nice selection of various types of rocker knives featured here.

Rocker knives make it a breeze to cut foods saving you time and energy. Every kitchen should have at least one in it. Place one of these in a gift basket for birthdays and Christmas along with a cookbook and other kitchen utensils.

A rocker knife is an ingenious little invention that you are going to absolutely love! Try one today and see what I'm talking about.

Image: Rocking T Knife

Independence Realized

A rocker knife can give people with special needs the independence they crave. For those with arthritis, who have had a stroke or who have Cerebral Palsy, a rocking knife is a helpful kitchen gadget that allows them to cut food with ease and with one hand!

Rocker Knives

I've chosen four different styles of rocker knives to showcase here so you can see how many styles are available. Some are for pizza, some for mincing and some for cutting. Click on the photo to learn more about each knife and for the most current pricing information.

Rachael Ray 8-Inch Cook's Rocker KnifeCHECK PRICE

Alaskan Ulu, Legendary Knife of the ArcticCHECK PRICE

Two-Handled 7" Double Bladed Rocker KnifeCHECK PRICE

LamsonSharp Stainless Steel Pizza Rocker KnifeCHECK PRICE

Rocking Knives for the Kitchen

For one-handed cutting, chopping and mincing, try a rocker knife (also called a rocking knife). You'll love the ease and convenience of this handy kitchen tool! One of these works well for many people with special needs, too.

Rocking T Knife in Action

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John Boos 10 by 10 by 2-Inch Mezzaluna Herb Board with Stainless Steel Rocker Knife

You get the cutting board and the rocker knife in this cool set. What a wonderful gift this would make for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas and more! You can use the board flat or with the dip for the bowl which is included as well.

Bid on Rocker Knives Here

Bidding on products is quick and easy with eBay. Check back often for new auctions and updated products!

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