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Roll Sponge: a new kitchen gadget

Updated on June 10, 2015

New Take on the Kitchen Sponge

The Roll Sponge is an innovative take on the old kitchen sponge. It bridges the gap between paper towels and longer term cleaning supplies (i.e. a sponge you keep for a month or longer). It's convenient placement and storage size (thin and compressed) had been enough to get people to try it out!

The Roll Sponge is designed to hang next to your paper towels on the same dispenser or be placed on top of your upright paper towels. This convenient placement for the sponge does not require you to purchase any additional items- since it occupies the left over area on the dispenser. Don't believe us? Check your dispenser now. We estimate that most dispensers have at least 1 inch of left over space. That means you can fit up to four Roll Sponges on at a time. Really, the Roll Sponge has fit all dispensers so far (prove us wrong!).

Find the features and benefits below... You won't really know until you try it though!

Compressed Cellulose Sponge
Compressed Cellulose Sponge

Compressed Cellulose Sponge

What are the benefits?

Cellulose sponge is continually being incorporated into new products across many industries. See below for more ways that cellulose sponge is being used around you.

What are the benefits?

Cellulose sponge, in contrast to poly sponge, is made in portion by recycled materials. This helps cellulose championing the more environmentally friendly title. So, if you're more green then look for cellulose.

Cellulose sponge can be compressed whereas poly sponge cannot be. Compressed cellulose sponge can benefit in terms of storage. You can compress a sponge that is over 1 inch to less than a quarter of an inch. This allows the sponge to be carried around and transported more easily.

Cellulose sponge can also be cut and shaped more easily. When compressed, you can get a cleaner cut than when a sponge is expanded. This allows you to manipulate the sponge to a desired shape.

Compressed sponge can soak up liquid and grow into a normal size sponge.

What other products and industries use cellulose sponge other than Roll Sponge the kitchen area?

Make-up industry-Facial scrubs and sponges

Marketing- print ads and cut interesting designs for handouts

Cleaning industry- Sponge to fit almost any crack or crevice to clean

Crafting- use the sponge to paint or cut out fun designs

Amazon offerings of Compressed Cellulose Sponge - Choose Cellulose over Poly

Compressed sponge is continually being offered for other industries for a multitude of purposes. It is just now making its way into our consumer products.

Compressed sponge is recycled, light, and ultra absorbent. We can foresee compressed sponge being included in many products to come.

If you see a great use for this type of sponge material then let me know.

Roll Sponge for kitchen cleaning
Roll Sponge for kitchen cleaning

Features and Benefits of Roll Sponge

The following are features and benefits of the Roll Sponge.

-The thin compressed sponge design allows for storage in tight places (i.e. next to your paper towels!)

-Design allows sponge to occupy left over space paper towel dispensers (estimated that there is an inch available on the average paper towel dispenser, regardless of whether it is hanging or upright)

-Open notch and slit allows for easy installment and removal on the paper towel dispenser

-White color of the sponge matches paper towels in order to not stand out in the kitchen (design is important!)

-Circle design allows the Roll Sponge to fit on the paper towel dispenser naturally and not be an eye-sore in the kitchen

-Sponge hangs from faucet or other area around the sink to avoid germ build up to air dry

-Sponge seeps up liquid quickly because of the dried, compressed properties (watch it grow!)

Roll Sponge How-To

Please read below on how to use the Roll Sponge. Really, there isn't a huge learning curve to use the Roll Sponge. We have tried it on all types of people they immediately get that the sponge works normally once it touches water.

It's simple! Here are the general instructions in five words.

Place. Clean. Rinse. Hang. Repeat.

That's the basics, but our instructions will dive a little deeper on the details. It's nothing new that you haven't already been doing in your kitchen. Since it is a bridge between your paper towels and regular kitchen sponges- you will pick it up quickly.


Time required: 10 seconds for compressed sponge to spring to normal height.

Difficulty: easy; anyone that can wipe and clean can use Roll Spongs

Cost: $5- package of 5. This is quite a bit cheaper than other sponges. These are produced to dry hang so they can also last longer than other sponges that attract bacteria.


1. Place the Roll Sponge

It's simple. Remove it from the package and find the open notch in the sponge. Simply press the notch area onto the paper towel dispenser rod. The Roll Sponge will lock in place in preparation when you need the cleaning and seeping power of the compressed sponge.

2. Pull and Clean

Pull the Roll Sponge when you have a liquid spill or a mess that is ultra messy (too much for paper towels or longer term sponges). The sponge uncompresses as it gets wet. It has almost 10 times the seeping power over a paper towel.

3. Rinse and Wash

The Roll Sponge can be cleaned like a normal sponge. So, use soap and water to clean it before the next use.

4. Hang on Faucet

The open ring design of the Roll Sponge allows for easy storage on faucets or other areas around the sink. This drip-dry feature helps the sponge avoid bacteria and other germ build up.

5. Repeat

Reuse the Roll Sponge until it gets too dirty or you just want to see another one grow!

Paper Towels vs Sponge

Paper towel vs sponge
Paper towel vs sponge | Source

Do you use Paper Towels or Sponges more often?

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Where can I buy Roll Sponge?

Roll Sponge is only available online at this point. It will reach major store shelves soon. Stay tuned.

Roll Sponge will be located in the paper towel, toilet paper, and Kleenex isle. It will be displayed on a Paper Towel rack to educate potential buyers about where the sponge will be stored when not in use.

It will also be sold in the cleaning section of the retail store, next to other sponges. The sponge is cheaper than others. So, most buyers will see an immediate economic benefit by using Roll.

Customer Comment

"The Roll Sponge is awesome! I love that it is close when you need it. We use it for really wet messes."

How can I get Roll Sponge?

Roll Sponge will be on store shelves soon! If your local retailer has not yet stocked Roll Sponge then request it from them and it will be done.

Roll Sponge is available in a few different options.

Package 1

  • Package one includes a pack of 5 Roll Sponges.
  • This package is projected to last 1 month.

Package 2

  • Package two includes a pack 10 Roll Sponges.
  • This package is projected to last 2 months.

Monthly Subscription

  • The monthly subscription sends you a package of 5 sponges to your door (Free shipping). Your account will be charged at the beginning of the month once your sponges are shipped. No cancellation fees.

Annual Subscription

  • The annual subscription sends you a package of 5 sponges to your door (Free shipping) every month. You will receive an additional 10% with this package. Your account will be charged at the beginning of the year. Your payment cycle will depend on the month you started subscribing.

Where do I place the Roll Sponge for storage?

The Roll Sponge is designed to be conveniently located in the kitchen. Do you have a paper towel dispenser? Then you have a place for Roll Sponge!

What if I have an upright paper towel dispenser?

-The Roll Sponge slips onto most dispensers. However, if your dispenser rod has a large end cap, simply press the Roll Sponge onto the rod at the open wedge on the sponge.

What if I have an hanging paper towel dispenser?

-The Roll Sponge fits nicely on the right or left of the paper towel. Simply press the sponge at the open wedge area onto the dispenser rod or slip it onto the rod when you replace the paper towel roll.

Wasting America

Paper towels are the new high waste item in American homes.

Let's discuss Paper Towels vs Sponge

Why do you prefer Paper Towels over Sponge or vice versus?

More Compressed Sponge on Amazon!

Amazon is a convenient way to get compressed sponge for your cleaning needs. You can buy compressed sponge in small packages or in bulk.

The most important reason is that you are buying a recycled and reusable product. This helps add to your green habits for a better environment.

Next time your child reaches for a handful of paper towels, teach them to grab the Roll Sponge and save some trees!

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