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Best Wheeled Snow Shovels With Wheels - Rolling Snow Scoops

Updated on July 3, 2013

A Snow Shovel On Wheels Means No More Sore Back Pain After Shoveling

When winter rolls in so does the snow and that creates a problem for anyone who needs to leave their house or otherwise clear away all that powder to allow access to their home. Snow removal tools come in a variety of styles to facilitate this from manual snow scoops to electric snow blowers with many options in between.

Which tools for removing snow you prefer is a matter of budget and personal preference in most cases, and it also depends on the amount of area you need to clear. Whilst a few feet is fine for a lightweight plastic snow scoop, it would be an extremely tough task to clear a 100ft driveway using the same tool. That's why there are numerous different styles of snow shovel out there from electric snow throwers to cheaper more eco-friendly manual snow shovels with wheels. Which you choose, will depend on your personal preferences and the suitability to the task to which they will most likely be employed.

What Is A Rolling Snow Shovel?

Rolling snow shovels on wheels take the best parts of a manual snow scoop and make life easier by making the process of removing snow less painful on the back and less stressful on your heart. These wheeled snow shovels are also known as push snow shovels, pushable snow scoops or snow pushers because rather than bending, scooping, lifting and twisting to throw snow out the way you stand upright and walk behind the shovel pushing snow out of the way as you go.

To facilitate this, the best push snow shovels on wheels have a curved blade and an adjustable height handle to suit users of all heights. In addition, some have a heavy duty metal blade at the tip of the scoop for scraping up stubborn ice and dislodging packed snow. Rolling snow shovels also have wheels, or one giant wheel in the case of the highly recommended Sno Wovel, which makes it easier to push it through the snow.

See This Snow Shovel In Action

Why A Push Snow Shovel With Wheels Is Best For Your Health

Rolling push snow shovels are kinder to your back, one of the main areas which are affected by less easy to use snow shovels. Back injury caused by less well designed tools for shoveling snow at home is widely reported every time there is a major snowfall. Much manual snow removal equipment is not designed with back health in mind so slipped discs and general muscles aches and pains are reported after their usage. Rolling snow scoops on wheels greatly reduce the risk of injury by removing the bending and twisting motion which others enforce upon you.

Push snow shovels with wheels are easier to use which means you will expend less energy and exert yourself less when clearing snow away. This is good news for all of us because sudden bursts of enforced exercise, particularly something like clearing away snow which is very tiring, can have serious implications for those of us who are not used to strenuous physical activity. Many heart attacks and other health issues are reported each year as a result of snow removal so the less strenuous you can make the activity the better.

Types of Wheeled Snow Shovel

Snow pushers may be found in a variety of materials and price ranges. For ease of storage, there are folding snow shovels with wheels which are collapsible enabling you to stow away the shovel when you are done or even keep it in the trunk of your vehicle in case you need it.

Material type is the most common difference however. If you want a cheap snow shovel then you will likely be looking more along the lines of purchasing a lightweight plastic snow shovel. These are not as durable as some of the more expensive models and should probably not be used for clearing heavy snow away but are generally just fine for occasional snow removal jobs if you live in an area which has little snow but want a backup plan just in case.

More heavy duty snow shovels are found amongst the metal range. Although these are heavier in many cases, you do find lightweight aluminum snow shovels on wheels or a combination of hard plastic and metal in the important areas. Sturdy aluminum snow scoops are strong and hard wearing enough to deal with heavy tasks but still light and portable which is what you want from a manual snow pusher.

Whichever snow shovel you choose be sure to find the best snow shovel pusher for your needs.

Have You Gone With A Wheeled Snow Shovel Yet? - or are you still stuck doing hard labor

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  • TransplantedSoul profile image


    6 years ago

    I have seen ads for these, but have never seen one in person. Do you personally use one? I guess you are in the Northern US? At first I thought this has to be a Canadian lens, but then of course areas like Rochester and Buffalo get hammered with snow worse than we do up here (eh!).

  • lesliesinclair profile image


    7 years ago

    Never heard of one of these before, but they sound practical. Thanks for the research. I spent decades in snow country when these would have solved a lot of problems.

  • smithlights profile image


    7 years ago

    I've never even heard of such a thing!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    How cool, I never knew there was such a thing as a wheeled snow shovel and I have lived in snow country all my life. Just a quick tip, its always a good idea to change the title of your guest books from the "new guestbook" default as there are folks who won't even rate a lens that is just defaults.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    How cool, I never knew there was such a thing as a wheeled snow shovel and I have lived in snow country all my life. Just a quick tip, its always a good idea to change the title of your guest books from the "new guestbook" default as there are folks who won't even rate a lens that is just defaults.


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