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How does a Rope Light Work?

Updated on January 6, 2014

Rope Lights - LED

The popularity of rope lighting is increasing each and every month. It is versatile, cost effective and some say will eventually replace all different forms of lighting. Many use this type of lighting exclusively inside and outside of their homes and businesses. While some types of rope light can be expensive, the cost of powering them is comparable to other lighting forms and in some cases much less. So how do these types of lights work?

The rope is made up of many different tiny light bulbs that are encased in a PVC tube that can be clear or colored but which is flexible. This allows the lights to be used in many creative ways that other lighting types cannot measure up to. The bulbs are about a half a watt each and are located with about an inch of separation inside the tube. They are white and the tubing dictates what color the lighting is going to be.

This type of lighting is so cost effective because it takes nearly ten feet of rope light to use the same amount of power that would be required for a sixty watt light bulb. This ten feet can be used anywhere in the room to offer light to shadows or dark spaces where more light is needed. You cannot share out that type of coverage with a single luminescence light bulb. With all these tiny little light bulbs you may expect the rope to get hotter than an ordinary light bulb. The fact is that this lighting only gets slightly warm so it does not harm any fixture that it is attached to.

You may be wondering how you can utilize ten feet of tiny lights in many different spots and areas of a room. Unlike a traditional light bulb, rope light can be cut to size in order to fit the various locations you want to install them in. If you find that you want to install longer lighting than you have, you can buy another length of it and splice it into the rope you already have. It is also possible to splice many different colors together to create a unique light show in your home. Who has not dreamed of having their own disco light show when their friends come over for an evening in?

The best part about this type of LED Rope lighting is that it can be utilized anywhere in the home where you need lights. For businesses, it replaces old neon and other types of signs that are on the market. It is one of the most versatile types of lighting that has been manufactured in the last few years. For those who are wondering if they can use these lights on a Christmas tree, yes, they are cool enough to safely light a real tree.

Finally, these lights are cost effective and can even last longer than many other light types including halogens. The only bad aspect is that the bulbs are not meant to be replaced so when one section goes out, it has to be fully replaced. With so many other positives, this is one minor issue that really does not take away from the quality.


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