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Best rotary grater

Updated on September 29, 2010

Rotary graters have very simple design, the handle holds the food in place, while the arm controls the grating.The simplicity of the design of this product makes it very durable, if made from high-quality materials.Rotary grades are the perfect tools to easily and safely grate hard cheeses for baking or cooking.Rotary grade is a must have tool for all chefs around the world.Although usually no chef uses rotary grades, it´s a great tool to have around.

Problem with rotary graters sale on the market today, is that they are usually made from plastic.And plastic rotary grater breaks often, because rotary grates are designed to grate hard cheeses.Usually plastic rotary grater breaks only if grating hard cheeses, it can usually grate chocolate, root vegetables and other similar products.

There's actually quite large collection of different rotary graters, from plastic to stainless steel, on sale.Choosing the best for you can be hard.To narrow down your choice to only good and functional rotary graters, here is some great rotary graters.

Best rotary grater

 A rotary grater from microplane and I have to tell you that this is one of the best rotary graters I have ever used.It really does the job well.

It comes with 2 diffrent blades, one is coarse and the other is fine of course.The blades are made from stainless steel, meaning that they won´t rust and they will last for many years to come.

This amazing product is also dishwasher safe.It´s adjustable for both hands, so if you are left handed you can use it and if you are right handed you can use it.You can choose the color of this product as well.

Overall a great product.It has a great value, the design of this rotary grater is excellent and it seems to be very durable as well.You can also choose the color of this product, so it can fit in, in every kitchen.This product is highly recommended if you are looking for a high-quality rotary grater.

Stainless steel rotary grater

 This rotary grater was my first, not the same exact model, but basically same.And it´s still working, although i normally don´t use it.If you want rotary grater that you can count on, i will strongly recommend this, although it´s usually not the most comfortablerotary grater.This product is high-quality and extremely durable.And because it´s made from stainless steel it won´t rust and food does not react with it, so it´s very easy to clean.

Not only cheese rotary grater

 This product is not only for grating hard cheese, you can very easily grate nuts, vegetables, chocolate..I really like Pampered Chef products, they are always made with great craftsmanship and have great quality, this product is no exception.This amazing product is packed in a recycled box.It´s very easy to clean, just take the handle off and clean it.This product is great, it doesn´t matter if you are a righty or lefty, it´s left- and right- handed user friendly.It´s very comfortable to use.It can easily become your favorite kitchen gadget.

Rotary grater

You can easily switch this grater to be right- or left- handed.It has nice design and it´s easy and comfortable to use.It´s dishwasher safe and it has a 5 year warranty.This product is high quality rotary grater and motto of this product should be - Easy to use, easy to clean - or something like that anyway.Overall this product is simple, easy to use , easy to clean and extremely user friendly.


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