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Ruth Stout - Organic Mulch Gardener

Updated on June 3, 2011

Ruth Stout - Organic Mulch Gardener

I first heard of Ruth Stout from my mother when I told her I was going to start my first vegetable garden.  Mom suggested I get some books by Ruth Stout and learn about Organic Gardening.

Ruth lived for many years in Redding, CT right near the Newtown border.  She wrote articles for the local newspapers and had a world-famous garden.  

Ruth was an individualist through and through and had some viewpoints and opinions considered shocking by her contemporaries.  She's always been one of my heros. 

I've followed all her gardening advice and have been rewarded over and over with less work, no weeds, and an abundant crop of delicious, organically grown vegetables and herbs.

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What I love about the Ruth Stout Method

The truth is, I'm a lazy gardener. I love the fruits of having a garden - the freshest of salads, seeing my kids snack on sweet pod peas right off the vine. I just don't like all the work!

Well, Ruth's method requires VERY little work. Lots of hay, organic plant scraps, some water, occasionally patrolling the garden for weeds to drop hay on is really all it takes. And then, of course, the glorious harvest... Yum!

Gardening Books by Ruth Stout

How to have a green thumb without an aching back: A new method of mulch gardening
How to have a green thumb without an aching back: A new method of mulch gardening

This is the first Ruth Stout book I bought. I read it over when I need a little gardening inspiration. This outlines the whole process of year-round mulch gardening. How it works, what you need, how to do it. The essential guide.


Books about Life by Ruth Stout

As we remember Mother
As we remember Mother

This is a touching biography of Ruth and Rex Stout's mother - a unique and free minded individual.


Ruth's world famous garden

A markerRuth Stout's Gardens were here -
Redding, CT
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