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Salamander Heaters

Updated on November 10, 2014
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Salamander Heaters For Sale

Salamander heaters are a type of heater that are traditionally used on construction sites or other well ventilated, open type areas such as a garage or shop.

These types of heaters heat the are by forcing cold air through a hot flame using a fan that is built into the heater unit. Although electric models are now being produced, most Salamander heater us one of the following to produce the hot flame, propane gas, natural gas or kerosene.

The use of the types of gas to produce the flame is one of the main reasons that they are only for use in well ventilated areas. Another reason for this is that they typically produce a large amount of condensation. If you tried to use a Salamander heater in an area such as your home not only would you have to deal with the noxious fumes but as well as the condensation.

However, if you work in a construction site or have large garage or shop that you need to heat you can not find any better type of heater to use.

Salamander heaters get their name from W. L. Scheu of Scheu Manufacturing Company who invented this type of portable heater in the early 1940s. No one knows why it was given this name however many people around the world are grateful for its invention.

There are several styles of salamander heaters available today, most look like a torpedo, which is why they are sometimes called a torpedo heater, but there are also some models which are shorter in length but wider in diameter which are the electric models. Additionally you will find some models that can be suspended from the ceiling of your garage or shop.

When it comes to price, the gas burning salamander heaters are far cheap than the electrical models, typically about 500 to 700 hundred dollars cheaper. However the advantages are often times well worth the price. With the electrical models you do not have to worry about fumes from the gas used in the gas models and you do not have problems with condensation.

That makes the electrical models more suited for indoors for location like your garage or shop and in fact they are for indoor use only. If you have an open area that will be subjected to the elements then the gas salamander heaters are what you need.

Mr. Heater 35,000 BTU Propane Forced-Air Heater #MH35FA

Mr. Heater 35,000 BTU Propane Forced-Air Heater #MH35FA

This 35,000 BTU propane heater can heat up to an 800 square foot area and is ideal for smaller workspaces. Additionally it can run up to 12 hours. Keep in mind that you will need a 20 pound propane tank as this model does not come with one.

Salamander Heaters

Gas Models

Salamander heaters that use gas need to be used in a well ventilated are such as on a construction site or large shop or garage. These do produce fumes and condensation which is why you need good venitlation but they are cheaper than the electrical models.

Dyna Glo Delux 75K BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater

Dyna Glo Delux 75K BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater

This 75,000 BTU Salamander heater is great for larger size work areas as it can comfortably heat areas up to 1,750 square feet. If you need to heat a larger area you can go all the way up to their 650,000 BTU unit which can heat an are up to 13,500 square feet. This model features a flame out sensor, a run time fuel gauge, a built in thermostat and an on/off power switch with an LED error light.

Mr. Heater Salamander Heater - 125,000 BTU Portable Propane Forced Air Heater MH125FAV

Salamander Heaters

Electric Models

These salamander heaters use electricity which means you don't have to deal with fumes or condensation. This also means you can use them in a smaller garage or shop. The downside is that they are more expensive then gas models.

TPI Corporation FES15241A Heat Wave Portable Electric Salamander, Single Phase, 15kW, 240V

This model uses a forced air fan to circulate and distribute heat throughout the area you are trying to heat. The heating element if made from finned tubular steel which helps discharge heat and draw air flow. Additionally, this model comes with an adjustable thermostat which can be set from 40 to 100 degrees.

FES Salamander Heater - Portable Electric Heater

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