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How to save on your electric bill and help our planet in the process

Updated on May 19, 2012
small solar panel
small solar panel

From simple to more sophisticated

From simple to sophisticated equipment, there is a large poll of options to save money in energy, especially on our electric bill.

Some simple practices may help us reduce our consumption of electricity which in most cases is produced by burning fossil fuels. It is well known that this burning of fuels to produce electricity is also polluting our atmosphere with particles involved in global warming, not to mention that there are health issues related to these pollutants.

To help reduce the amount of these pollutants that go to our atmosphere we can reduce our electric consumption. This can be achieved in part by using our appliances in a more efficient ways or replacing incandescent lamps to fluorescent. On the other hand we may use the not so simple solution, which involve more complex systems that can reduce drastically your electric bill. The only drawback is that the costs of implementing them are considerably higher and this should be taken into account.

Natural light: If we use more natural light during the day by means of larger windows not only we can save in electric bill. Natural light is better for our health than artificial; it has been proved that natural light reduces the stress levels on humans considerably. Also you will need to take into consideration that larger windows may reduce the efficiency of your cooling or heating unit so you should be replacing the normal windows for thermally efficient ones which use double layer of glass.

Appliances: Not stuffing hot food into our fridge can save a lot of electricity. Placing our refrigerator in such a way that cool air runs efficiently on the rear (the condenser) makes it more efficient in saving energy. Unplugging devices which are not in use for long periods of time and keeping the lights off in areas with less frequent use. Also keeping lights off when sleeping or using led night lights are another good way to save.

Efficient light bulbs: for the night time we can replace every incandescent lamps for fluorescent ones which consume a lot less electricity. LED technology is coming up with very efficient lights that use only a tiny fraction of regular light bulbs. Even more these led lights provide a more pleasant type of light.

Photovoltaic cells: if you want to get sophisticated you may opt for the installation of high tech devices like solar panels, which could supply some of your electricity or maybe all of it if you can afford it. There is not necessary to use solar panels to provide all the electricity that you need. It is possible to use small solar units to provide the electricity foe some areas of the home, while other areas may still come from the electric company.

New tech: recent development of solar dishes with “Stirling motor” attached to a generator can supply electricity and hot water. There are companies that sell this high end new technology, and claim to be able of producing some 3 kilowatts with a dish only few feet in diameter.

Insulation and air conditioning: having your air conditioning system in perfect condition by properly giving it´s maintenance will save a lot. Also replacing windows with double glass (insulating windows) make your colling or heating unit more efficient.

Wind power generators: wind power generators are very efficient, but they are not suitable for every home, you should check with the city the regulations on this matter.

The technology is already here, we have the option to start using it and save us in energy, health and problems related to global warming and climate change.


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