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Build a Solar Panel and Generate Home-Made Electricity - Save Planet Earth

Updated on November 27, 2016

Save Planet Earth

Planet earth needs help. For eons it has sustained itself and made life possible. Today environmental trends point to trouble. Greenhouse gases are being discharged into the atmosphere faster than the earth can absorb them. A key culprit is carbon dioxide caused by electric power plants burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

While businesses and governments move toward reducing their impacts, there are opportunities for individuals – people like you and me – to reduce their own impacts.

By reducing the amount of electricity utilities must supply for our home use, we reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned for power generation. On average, for every 1,000 kilowatt hours we reduce our electric demand, we save about 1,000 pounds of greenhouse gases from being discharged into the atmosphere – the actual amount depends on many factors, such as how reliant your electric supply is on fossil fuel generation, how much you cut back during your utility's peak demand, etc.

Build a solar panel and generate home-made electricity

A complete home solar system professionally installed can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Even after all the tax credits and government incentives, the out-of-pocket costs are substantial.  If you are a motivated do-it-yourselfer you can learn about solar power and build a solar panel as a home project for a very small investment.,

Once you've done some research on the basics of solar science, build a solar panel for your home. By doing it yourself you will refine your solar knowledge, gain practical knowledge of how solar power really works, save money on your electric bills, determine whether solar power is right for your home, and you’ll help save the planet.

Books in print for your home solar power library

Perhaps you want to learn more about home solar power as you get started. Here are some helpful books. Home solar technology and products are rapidly evolving -- books that are several years old may be dated; you may want to acquire them for ideas and reference -- you also may pay less for dated books.

If you are interested in helping your children learn about solar energy you must first learn about it yourself Here is a good book to get your started.

Get started generating electricity at home

Get good guidance materials, study them, gather your supplies and materials, and get started. Here are five good solar panel guidance packages on how to build a solar panel.

By making your panel yourself

  • You’ll learn the craft of solar power generation.
  • You'll discover how best to use solar energy around your home.
  • You'll be able to power small appliances and tools.
  • You will have a small back-up source of electric power.
  • You will be stepping into the 21st century.

What can we do around the house to help save planet earth?

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    • profile image 7 years ago

      saving the environment is a hard task especially we only have limited options to make that possible and one way is through the use of solar power through devices. If more people are going to support green energy they would benefit well and also the environment.