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Saving Energy And Money On Home Electronic and Travel Expenses

Updated on August 27, 2016

Automatic Thermostat Control

Learn To Save at Home With Electronics

I like saving energy and money at home with eco friendly electronic practices is easy. There are several things I do to save money and home energy that are easy. The first step I used was to choose electronics with product with the Energy Star label. Although there are many less expensive choices in the long run I knew I would save on energy bills by making energy a priority. Eco friendly products are available and they help me save everyday. I had many options available to help with conservation and some tips that I can help with you to conserve.

  1. When heating my home a simple fix to conserve on my electric consumption was to install electronic thermostats. A digital thermostat with a programmable setting will allowed me to control the amount of heating or cooling I use. I set the timer set temperature to lower more one during my hours away from home and while sleeping. I have saved a significant amount of home energy with my programmable thermostats. Conservation at home is easy and it is only a matter of understanding which home products that consume energy.

My television, DVD player and other electronic device are on a power strip which can be turned off during periods of non-use. My cell phone chargers and other type of electronic chargers consume a lot energy when they are plugged in and not used. I simply unplug these chargers to conserve power in my home and be eco friendly. Many of my electronic devices have energy saving mode so I consulted my owners manual and discovered all the benefits of my products.

Another eco friendly ways I save on energy consumption is by doing my banking and shopping online. Most banks have website where most banking activities can be done. I save the expense of gas and wear and tear on my car. Another gas saving tip I found was to is work from home. My company didn't offer employee the option of working from home, so I found my own way to make money at home. This also saves on my automobile expenses.

Conserve Energy While Traveling

Devices to Conserve Power

There are a number of devices designed to conserve home energy consumption available to plug into electrical sockets. The devices stabilize the power when in use and provides conservation of energy when the device it is plugged into is not in use. There are timer devices and other eco friendly products that can be set for the number of hours a device will have power. Some people use these devices on curling irons, coffee pots, and other electronic devices. The use of these timers can provide safety for the home by turning off devices that may be left on by accident.

Home energy device monitors are also available for conservation of energy. These eco friendly products provide a digital cost estimate to help you determine the efficiency of a particular device. Most come programmed with standard consumption rates, but can be loaded with the rate on your utility bill as well. This will make it easier to control your level of energy consumption.

Solar power has also become very popular and is one of the eco friendly products available for at home use. There are solar chargers for cell phone, ipods and other devices. Homes can be retro fitted with solar collectors to run household appliances while providing conservation of energy. Wind power is another alternative. In areas where wind is strong wind mills can be used to generate power. For people living in high elevations where wind is constant may benefit from this type of energy collection.

Conserve Energy at Home

What Do You Do?

Do you work at saving on your electrical consumption?

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Learning about conservations

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Solar Power

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