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Keep Your Beautiful Scarves Safe And Organised

Updated on February 14, 2015
Cropped from an image on Amazon
Cropped from an image on Amazon

What did Eleanor of Aquitaine and Isadora Duncan have in common?

Scarves are fashion accessories with a long history. Whether brightly colored, made from fine silks, delicately embroidered or beaded with glittering gems, women have loved their scarves. In the Middle Ages, around 1150, Eleanor of Aquitaine started a fashion trend by wearing scarves in a "gossamer cascade" from the tip of her tall pointed hat. Seven hundred and fifty years later, in 1900, Isadora Duncan, the mother of modern dance, popularized long flowing scarves.

What a Beautiful Scarf - I'd forgotten I had it!

Anyone who has a collection of silk, pashmina or other delicate scarves will want to keep them acessible and free of creases. I have tried looping a scarf or belt around the top of a hanger, but they either slip off or are completely obscured by dresses, blouses and jackets.

Today, I sorted through my cupboards and drawers and collected up two very large bags of clothes to take to people in more need than me. Some I didn't even remember having, so if, like me, you need a little help with keeping things tidy and organized, a practical, dedicated scarf holder is a great improvement. All your scarves can be kept together neatly, on a storage gadget designed specifically for the purpose. These useful gadgets can save you from the frustration and wasted time of hunting through your lingerie drawers or closet for that particular scarf. I know, I've been there... it's impossible to find the scarf you want in the multicolored pit full of socks and underwear.

Keep Your Accessories Organised with a Scarf Holder

Are your scarves, ties and belts neatly arranged? Or laying in a tangled heap? It's so much easier to find the item you want if you can keep everything properly organized. They're also less likely to get damaged. These cool scarf hangers, in various designs, will help you to keep your scarves and belts organised and ready to use.

Showing off your collection

Wall-hanger scarf holders can be used to brighten up a plain or dull room. I even have a friend who likes to weave her scarves through her wall-hanger in different patterns.

Master Craft Scarf Hangup - Scarf Organizer, Tapioca
Master Craft Scarf Hangup - Scarf Organizer, Tapioca

This scarf organizer is a great space-saver. Made of heavy gauge cotton canvas, it has 7 Hanging loops on each side and can store up to 14 scarves.


Keep it Tidy Coat Hanger Style

If you prefer to keep your collection safely stored in a cupboard, you can choose a coat-hanger style. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes (number of holes). Some are very plain and functional - simply an extended coat-hanger with holes for your accessories. Others are more fun, in the shape of a butterfly or flower.

Scarf hanger holder rack closet organizer storage scarves
Scarf hanger holder rack closet organizer storage scarves

Lightweight, butterfly shaped scarf hanger that can hold 12 scarves and wraps of different sizes.

InterDesign Axis Scarf Hanger - Storage Organizer Rack for Scarves, Neck Ties, Belts, Shawls, Pashminas and Accessories - 18 Loops, Chrome
InterDesign Axis Scarf Hanger - Storage Organizer Rack for Scarves, Neck Ties, Belts, Shawls, Pashminas and Accessories - 18 Loops, Chrome

This is an 18 section holder for scarves, ties, and other accessories. Made with a polished chrome finish, it has a coat-hanger type hook, so doesn't require any additional hanging hardware. The sections are different sizes, making it easier to sort and store accessories of different sizes.


For smaller collections

If you have just a small number of scarves, it is probably better to have a hanger with a small number of scarf slots.

10-Hole Scarf Hanger - Walnut
10-Hole Scarf Hanger - Walnut

A simple way to organize your accessories. This elegant hardwood hanging organizer has 10 spaces for your beautiful scarves or belts.

Umbra Fleur Hanging Scarf Organizer
Umbra Fleur Hanging Scarf Organizer

Storage organiser in the shape of three flowers. Keep your scarves and belts safe and tidy in the 12 petal loops.


Are You Tidy And Organised? - What is your favorite organiser product?

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    • savateuse profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Aibrean82: Purples scarve dcorating the butterfy holder... sounds perfect!

    • savateuse profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @MarathonRunning: You are so right - it's uch easier to keepthings mainained and clean when everything is tidy.

    • Aibrean82 profile image


      4 years ago

      I have so many scarves! I actually own the 28 circle scarf holder, but now I want that butterfly shaped one, which I haven't seen before! It will look so good holding my many shades of purple scarves :)

    • MarathonRunning profile image


      4 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      I try to keep everything in its place because it is simpler to maintain and clean it. I despise having a mess around me and be in a situation to rummage other things to find the one I need.

      Your article is so useful and inspiring and I will use it for sure. My scarf will be on a organizer from tomorrow and not in the box :)

    • evawrites1 profile image


      4 years ago

      I love the butterfly - shaped one!


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