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Scene Setters - Where to Find Great Halloween, Christmas and Party Scene Setters

Updated on September 2, 2011

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to completely transform a room for a holiday or party, these scene setters are the way to go!

Not only do they make scene setters to decorate for parties and special occasions, but there are many options of setters that you can use in rooms like kids bedrooms, dens and family rooms as well.

There are scene setters for:

  • Birthday Scene Setters
  • Disney Scene Setters
  • Winter Scene Setters
  • Castle Scene Setters
  • Beach Scence Setters
  • Jungle Scene Setters
  • and More!

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Forest scene setter
  • Ocean Scene Setter
  • Starry Night Scene Setter
  • Thanksgiving Scene Setter
  • Princess Scene Setter

How Scene Setters Work

Scene Setters are easy to put up and take down and are easy to store for the following year or occasion. Simply use double sided tape, poster glue dots or poster tacks.

Double sided tape and glue dots will usually not leave any marks on your walls, but if they do, they can be removed easily with a little bit of nail polish remover.

See below for all your options, prices and where to purchase these easy to use and fun decorations.

Christmas Scene Setters

Here a great bunch of scene setters that are perfect for the Christmas holiday.

You can put up a pretend fireplace with a wreath, or a pretend Christmas tree where you wouldn't normally have room to put one. You can have Santa Claus peeking through a window or door, or have him and his reindeer flying up the wall.

Don't want or have room to put a real wreath on the back of your front door? No problem. Simply put this wreath scene setter on the back of your door and transform your door instantly.

For those who really love to do up a room in Christmas cheer - the Complete Christmas Scene Setter is the perfect way to transform the entire room easily.

Scene Setter - Halloween Scene Setters

These Halloween Scene Setters are another great way to totally transform your rooms into a spooky haunted house or haunted mansion.

Many of these setters also make awesome scary displays when placed in front windows and front doors for trick or treaters or passersby to see.

These are perfect decorations for Halloween parties, Halloween weddings or simply just decorating for the Halloween season.

This is just a sample of all of the great Halloween Scene Setters you can choose from.

There are actually too many available to list them all here. If you would like to see more Halloween scene setters simply click here.

Scene Setter - Thanksgiving Scene Setters

Here are some great Fall, Autumn and Thanksgiving scene setters to set your house ablaze in gorgeous red, yellows and oranges.

You can create your own fall trees or pumpkin patch right on your walls, or add a turkey or adorable little children dressed up for the Thanksgiving holiday.

A great way to get your Thanksgiving dinner guests into the holiday mood.

Scene Setter - Birthday Party Scene Setters

These birthday scene setters are the perfect way to decorate for a birthday party in your home or in a hall.

Many feature famous cartoon characters that will go perfectly with your child's birthday theme and ironically are probably cheaper than any other birthday decorations that you can purchase, yet have a much larger impact on the entire room.

Scene Setter - Fifties Parties and Sock Hop Scene Setters

There are some great scene setters that focus on the 50s. These are great for 50s themed parties but are also great for decorating a basement or family room for a touch of nostalgic fun.

These Scene Setters include cars from the 50s, Soda Shop scenes, jukeboxes and more great scenes from the era.

Scene Setter - Las Vegas, Gambling,Casino and Money Scene Setters

These are great scene setters for Casino or Las Vegas themed parties, Las Vegas themed weddings or Las Vegas themed charity events.

Transform the entire room into a casino where guests can't wait to play!

Some of these setters feature ....

Scene Setter - Tropical, Beach and Luau Scene Setters

These are the perfect scene setters for a party centered around a tropical, beach or Hawaiian theme.

Bring the outdoors inside with these great setters or put these setters on large pieces of cardboard and display outside in your hard. This will also work well when put on wooden fences.

Scene Setters - Wall Murals

Working along the same lines as scene setters - these wall murals are also perfect for completely transforming rooms - though usually on a more permanent bases.

Most of these wall murals come in pieces which simply need to be applied to walls in correct order with wall paper glue or paste.

As you can see, they can easily transform a room from boring to spectacular with very litte time and effort.

Scene Setters Glue - Scene Setter Tape

Here are a few products that will help you put up and take down scene setters easily.

These brands of double sided tape and poster adhesive strips are made for just this purpose.

They stick to both you scene setter and the wall, yet leave no damage or marks behind when removed.


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