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Scented Wax Candle Bowls

Updated on October 2, 2012

Habersham Wax Pottery Bowl: Candle Bowls

Scented candle bowls, like those made by Habersham candles, are an alternative to scented candles. These scented wax bowls (also called wax pottery vessels) are are similar to candles, except there is no wick to light. Just set the bowl on display and enjoy the beautiful scent they emit. The scented wax bowls hold their scent for about 6 months, though there are tricks to make it last longer. Habersham wax pottery bowls come in several different scents. Each scented wax bowl is molded with potpourri elements mixed into the wax. These wax bowls make a unique gift for anyone who loves candles.

Habersham Wax Pottery bowls are sold in 2 sizes: 7" bowls and the large 10.5" bowl. Each is packaged in a gift box.

habersham wax pottery bowls
habersham wax pottery bowls

Scented Wax Candle Bowl Varieties

Habersham Wax Pottery Vessels come in a wide variety of scents and designs. Though they are all made of scented, there is no need for a flame. Just set the scented candle bowl at room temperature and enjoy. The scents that the Habersham Candle Company offers includes Butterfly Garden, Chocolate Orange, Cinnamon Bark, Cranberry Spice, Eco Aire (Odor Neutralizer), Evergreen, Figs and Melon, Forest Fig, Gardenia Water Lily, Garden Vanilla, Georgia Peach, Sage, Harvest Home, Hydrangea, Lavender, Magnolia, Mahogany Apple, Mandarin Ginger, Grapefruit, Rose Garden, Seascape, White Tea & Citrus and Winter Garden. Some are seasonal scents, others are meant to be enjoyed year round.

How to Care for Scented Candle Bowls

Habersham Wax Pottery bowls retain their scent for about 6 months. If your scented bowl loses fragrance, try buffing it gently with a soft cloth to release the fragrance oil. When not on display, store your scented wax pottery in a large zip lock bag to help keep it fresh.

Display and arrange scented candle bowls

In this picture you'll see a large Habersham wax vessel on a display stand. A smaller one is situated next to it. Behind the arrangement is a bowl filled with Habersham wax spheres. The scent in this room must be amazing! Check out the display stands for the bowls and the different types of spheres below.

Wax Pottery Bowl Stand

Don't set a scented Habersham wax pottery bowl directly on a table, countertop or shelf. Instead, place the wax bowl on a plate or display stand. The color (and scent) may bleed into whatever surface you rest it on. Luckily, Habersham wax pottery display stands are available.

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