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Second Hand Washing Machines - Used 2nd Hand Washer Dryer

Updated on November 21, 2010

Saving a little money when buying household appliances is always something which is appealing. Cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers etc. are some of those household necessities we all would struggle without but actually spending hundreds of dollars on them is a prospect which most of us would rather avoid. Replacing a washing machine can easily cost $500+ and over $1000 for the higher end models which is money many of us can not afford or are unwilling to fork out especially when your washer breaks down and suddenly you are faced with a big bill out of the blue.

There are several alternatives to look at when you are faced with the prospect of buying a home laundry washing machine, including whether you want a front loader washing machine or top loading washer, energy star qualified, combined, stacking etc. but one thing is for sure, the price is going to set you back several hundred dollars wherever you look.

You can however, find inexpensive washing machines if you know where to look and either find a cheap washing machine or save money on a more expensive model to get more bang for your buck if you know where to look.

Buying used second hand washing machines or opting for a factory refurbished washer is one alternative and can be a great one so long as you know what the pros and cons of going for this method are.

Second Hand or Refurbished Washing Machine Models

When shopping around for a 2nd hand washing machine you will no doubt quickly notice there are two main types of preowned models out there: second hand washing machines for sale by owner which you will find in something like a Craigslist or local ad or refurbished washing machines which are typically sold by actual businesses and not a private seller.

Which is better?

Well, refurbs are generally more expensive but come with more guarantees and should have been thoroughly tested and in many cases brought back to factory specifications (how good the refurbishing process is varies from one refurb outfit to the next) whereas a private seller is most likely just going to put up their old washing machine for sale with no further thought about it. How well it works is pot luck and if it worked fine the day you bought it and breaks a week later, well, generally you are out of luck.

Second Hand washers are typically something you will have to use your own judgement on if you decide to buy from a private seller. Be sure to shop around even here though because some people have some pretty unrealistic expectations of what their preowned washing machine is worth...and others are virtually giving them away because they just want them out of their house! There are some real bargains to be found this way but also some complete duds so make sure you are comfortable before you commit to buying.

You will probably have to haul it away yourself too so unless you have transportation yourself or can get it in a hurry this might not be an option for you. Used washing machines (and new ones) are big heavy pieces of equipment which can be a bear to get situated when you have to move them into place yourself and you'll have to do all the hook-ups etc. yourself too so if you are not comfortable with that idea, then this also might not be a good alternative for you.

If at all possible, when buying a pre-used washer machine for sale by owner, try to see it in action if you can. Sure, you can't sit through a cycle and test how clean the clothes are but you can demo a few of the features if it is hooked up. Check for smells and other obvious signs of damage and ask the seller questions about whether it has any issues, if it has been repaired in the past, how old it is etc. as these are things you need to know.

Remember, there are no warrantees on this kind of stuff and it's going to be a hassle dealing with the situation if you get a dud machine.

Refurbished washing machines are a safer bet when it comes to buying on the used market. Refurb washers should come with a guarantee protecting you against faults and breakdown ranging from a few months up to a year which is always nice to have when buying anything used. Remember there are both in house and return policies on these warrantees with the latter meaning YOU will have to physically get the washing machine back to the retailer and the former meaning they will send out a local washing machine service technician to fix the problem which is much more convenient.

Refurbished washing machines are usually delivered, installed and hooked up by the store which had it for sale which saves some hassle there as well. The nice thing about a refurbed model is you are getting a machine which has gone through the whole refurbishing process. This means it has been cleaned up, tested and faulty parts replaced with new ones so you are in many ways getting a machine which is pretty close to the one which stepped off the factory floor.

Some companies are more detailed with their refurbishing processes than others so it is always a good idea to ask what exactly their own refurbishing practices entail just to make sure it doesn't just mean they blew the dust out and polished the knobs! Remanufactured washing machines should be stripped all the way down, cleaned, tested and overly worn parts replaced with new ones. You want this, not the spit and polish approach some others perform and then loosely refer to as refurbished.

Finding a Discount Washing Machine Cheap Online

Sometimes there are better ways to buy washing machines and other appliances than going through some of the hassles which buying used appliances often entails. It is never all that awesome to have to deal with members of the public through things like Craigslist etc. especially when it comes to buying a large machine which is hard to fully test out before buying it.

However, finding a the best discount washing machine deals online is something which is not as difficult as it might seem once you know where to look. Sure, you can go to all your favorite retailers and browse through the thousands of listings out there, or you can shop smarter and go straight to some of the places where people have already done the work for you. In short, you should look at comparison shopping search engines like Google's Froogle if you know there's a particular model you want and want to see who sells it the cheapest, or check out a site like BFads or Slickdeals for the latest scoop on who is offering the best washing machine sales and deals.

The aforemention Slickdeals forum allows you to set up an alert which will email you when a deal is posted based upon keyword terms you set up, do it for washing machines and you'll be informed everytime someone finds and shares a washing machine on sale or discount coupon for an online or offline store which is a nice hands-off way to go deal hunting.

The Slightly Dinged Washer Alternative

One alternative to buying used which also might save you some money is to look at some of the shop soiled, ex-display models and slightly dented washing machine models you will find in some of the big retailer's outlet stores. Sears has an appliance outlet which sells scratch and dent washing machines with some very nice discounts. You also get a warrantee with these and have an actual big name retailer to deal with should you have any issues later down the line. There are also several other private retailers which deal in these types of appliances, a quick search around your favorite search engine or through your local yelow pages will uncover them.

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