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Selecting the perfect color scheme

Updated on January 4, 2016

Many homeowners have unanswered questions when it comes to added space in their home. Many homeowners believe the only way to add new living space to their home is to build on an addition. Many homeowners over look the potential of their basements. A finished basement is a huge bonus for any homeowner regardless of your location. By weighing your options, you can create a desirable living space in your basement for minimal costs when compared to adding an addition on to your home.

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to transform their new below ground living space fit into the decor of their above ground living space. This is the biggest mistake any homeowner can make. Some homeowners use the new below ground space as a guest bedroom, office space or hidden getaway-whichever you decide, there are many, many decisions to be made before begin any renovations.

Selecting a Color:

When you finish your below ground renovation and decide to decorate your basement, you are adding desirable and valuable living space to your home, but there are many options to consider when selecting a color scheme that fits the overall goal you hope to achieve in your finished basement.

Selecting colors can be quite difficult, but selecting the right color should be determined by the size of the space, adding interest to the space or highlighting architectural features, but most of all be attractive and eye friendly for the homeowner. Color is unique and has the ability to make any room more comfortable and inviting. Regardless of the lighting your basement has to offer the appropriate color scheme will allow your new underground finished living space to feel bigger and brighter, but it will also create a comfy and cozy environment for the homeowner.

Choosing a color scheme for any space, new or old, is more than just selecting paint. Its adding color to accent your home's flooring, ceilings, molding, trim, and comfort level.

Bright Colors

Basements tend to be dark. For any homeowner it can be extremely difficult to bring light into a dark space, especially when that space is an underground living area. The odds are stacked against you, but by simply selecting a bright color palette any space can be transformed into a light and airy living space. Your small cramped dark basement will look and feel larger in no time. Without natural light, focusing on small details and selecting a bright color will create an open and bright feeling throughout the space. Some experts suggest bright shades of orange and yellows, but reds tend to be popular as well.

Neutral Colors:

If you don't like bold or bright colors, you can never go wrong when selecting neutral colors for your home. Neutral colors are a great palette for any home, including your newly finished underground living space. Neutral colors can be used in any part of your home; bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and still remain desirable.

Neutral colors are designed to match any home decor while creating a warm, comfortable and inviting living space. Some experts suggest shades of light green, gray, taupe and white to homeowners as each color has the ability to match with most anything, is easy to relate to and is appealing to buyers if the homeowner decides to sell.

Selecting the perfect color scheme

Selecting the perfect color scheme
Selecting the perfect color scheme | Source


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