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How to Sell Your House Profitably?

Updated on October 21, 2011

Selling First Home

You never buy your dream house with the intention to sell it later on. However, sometimes, you simply don’t have any control over the circumstances. Unmanageable debt, impending divorce and job loss are some of the reasons where you are left with no other option than to sell off your home. If you have made up your mind to put your property on the market, then you should ensure that the sale is profitable. Here are a few invaluable tips that will help you to garner maximum profit from the sale of your real estate.

Evaluation is essential- The price tag on your property should be accurate; neither should it be too high nor too low. While calculating the selling price of your property, take into consideration the following factors:

  • Prevalent market trends- An exhaustive knowledge of current market trends will help you determine whether it is the right time to sell off your home or not. Additionally, you will also get to know about the features that help to fetch higher price. On the basis of this information, you can make minor changes in your house and increase its value.
  • Price of real estate in your area- The property price-bands in real estate markets are highly variable. For instance, the prices of properties in Utah real estate market are quite different from that of Las Vegas. To put the correct price tag, it is important to ascertain the prices of houses in your area.
  • Financial needs- Be sure to assess your financial needs, particularly, if you are selling your home to raise funds.

If you are finding it difficult to calculate the price correctly, take the help of a real estate agent.

Market your property properly- With recession round the corner, literally all real estate markets are buzzing with activity. The effect is more prevalent in New York, San Francisco, Washington, Austin, Boston, San Diego and Utah real estate markets as these are also the largest business centers of the US. To get the right price, you have to market your property properly. Place advertisements in newspapers and real estate magazines. Internet is also a good place to spread out the word. Apart from classifieds, you can use social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Place a placard bearing the message ‘Property for Sale’ in-front of your house, and get in touch with the real estate agents of your area. Another effective strategy to find interested buyers is to participate in real estate auctions and open houses.

Enhance the curb appeal of your home- To sell your property profitably you have to enhance its curb appeal.

  • Re-arrange all the books, photographs, paintings, artifacts, souvenirs, and other paraphernalia to perk up the interior décor.
  • Clear out the mess in the cabinets of the kitchen and bedrooms.
  • Remove every particle of dust and grime from the furniture, carpets, curtains and venetian blinds.
  • Declutter all those spaces that make your house look messy.
  • Check all the appliances and equipments to make sure that they work properly.
  • Get electrical fittings, and water and gas pipelines checked.
  • If doors or windows are damaged, get them repaired or replaced. Also, ensure that the window panes and door knobs are sparkling clean.
  • Scrub and clean the flooring and tiles of the kitchen and bathroom. Replace all the faulty faucets and plug in the leakages. Make sure that the chimneys and gutters are clean.
  • Do away with the garbage stored in the basement and garage.
  • If necessary, touch up the exterior and interior walls.
  • Lastly, mow the grass in your garden and trim the hedges and bushes.

Increase the value of your property- Everywhere the real estate prices are soaring. You can easily take advantage of the situation by increasing the livable space in your house. For instance, if you have some unused space, you can build a new room or bathroom. Similarly, if your loft is lying vacant, then you can convert it into a guestroom or library. You can perk up the kitchen just by changing the flooring, re-facing the cabinets and installing new utility equipments. A renovated bathroom can also increase the profitability of your house. Replace the old bathtub with a new fancy one, install a new vanity counter and don’t forget to change the seat and tiles. Before adding new structures in your house, remember to take requisite permission from appropriate authorities.


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    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 5 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Hi, I agree it's important to increase the selling value of the home, by making sure everything in the home is clean and fixed. Voted up, thanks.