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Sensus Memory Foam Mattress

Updated on March 24, 2010

Does your tossing and turning at night disturb your partner?  If so, you may need to get a memory foam mattress.  The memory foam mattress was originally developed by NASA for use in space but it was never used.  Instead, hospitals started using it for their patients because it allowed patients to lay on a bed for long periods without putting pressure on their pressure points.  When people found out how comfortable a memory foam mattress was, manufacturers jumped in and started making them for everyday people. 

Memory foam mattresses can range in price from cheap to expensive.  One of these is the Sensus memory foam mattress.  The Sensus memory foam mattress usually has density of 5 lbs/cubic ft.  Since it has a high density, it should last you many years without softening.  The mattress is manufactured with a process that Sensus calls VPF or variable pressure foaming.  This is supposed to make the mattress more comfortable.  The Sensus memory foam mattress is also created in a vacuum chamber.  This allows for a mattress made without inconsistencies in pressure, temperature, and humidity in the foam.  The end result is that the mattress forms to your body and you won’t toss and turn anymore while sleeping.  It also regulates your body temperate so you won’t feel too cool or too hot. 

When buying a Sensus memory foam mattress, you can search online.  Several big online retailers carry that brand.  Compare prices and check to see if there are discounts on the product or even on shipping.  Be sure you check out the reviews on the sellers too especially if you are buying from small time sellers.  The Sensus memory foam mattress can cost at least 100 dollars so you want to be careful when you shop. 

Sensus memory foam mattress is usually cheaper than some of the other well known brands like Tempur-Pedic.  A mattress is a mattress so as long as you are getting a quality product at a lower price, who cares about the brand. 


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