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Several Uses For String Curtains

Updated on March 13, 2010
Add elegance and style to your living room! (c)
Add elegance and style to your living room! (c)

String curtains are a modern and original element of interior design. As their name suggests, string curtains are a set of separate strings. They can be made from cotton, polyester, silk, wool or even the more expensive leather, coming in many textures and colors, thus helping you to transform your house or your apartment in a dream home.

String curtains can be used in many different and surprising ways. All you have to do is use your imagination, your preferences and create a special charming atmosphere.


When we think about curtains in general, first of all we imagine using them on a window frame. Regular curtains are good as well for decorating a window, but string curtains are a much better choice if you want to personalize your home, to add elegance and an exquisite ambience. Just imagine how beautiful your window will look in a sunny morning, when the light is gently filtered through the string curtains!

If you want to separate two rooms without installing a door and thus narrowing your living space, I suggest using string curtains in the door frame. They will add privacy, at the same time allowing the air to circulate freely and keeping the insects out.

Imagine that you have one big bedroom and no living room. In this case, you can use string curtains as room dividers. You can easily create two smaller rooms out of one - one for sleeping and another for working, inviting guests, watching TV and so on. When you need the extra space back, just install some tie-backs and voila! You have one big room again with just two easy movements.

Why not use several colors of string curtains for a dazzling wall decoration? (c)
Why not use several colors of string curtains for a dazzling wall decoration? (c)

Do you have an empty wall and no expensive paintings to decorate it with? No problem! Select some string curtains according to your color preferences and install them on the wall. You can use one color, combine several color patches or even mix many colors. One of the most important advantages of string curtains is the fact that they have a space-enhancing effect. A special string curtains pattern on a wall will create the illusion that your room is bigger, especially if you use light colors.

Many people, especially those who live in small apartments, are confronted with a specific problem: they have many things - clothes, boxes, books - and no storage room. In this case, they just build a set of shelves, install them in an empty corner and store all the items there. Of course, this is very unappealing, making your bedroom or your living room look like a storage facility. What can you do in this case? Conceal the ugly corner, of course! Install a set of string curtains and transform your room into a cozy and elegant place, as it’s supposed to be.

If you’re an incurable romantic, here’s how you can improve the design of your bedroom. Use string curtains around your bed and imagine that you are a queen from ancient times. Here you can play with textures and colors and enjoy the effects - your bedroom will become a mysterious and exotic place.

I’m sure that you can imagine many other practical and decorative uses for string curtains. They provide unlimited design options - just choose the one that suits you best!


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    • miragerainy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment! I've read that it's allowed to have 2 links for the same domain in one hub:

    • IntimatEvolution profile image

      Julie Grimes 

      8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

      Take out the extra web link before this hub is flagged for being overly promotional. Great information.


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