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Sewer snakes for blocked drains

Updated on May 20, 2012
Turbo Snake
Turbo Snake

Sewer snakes

When it comes to unclogging the blocked drains in your home or other facilities, then using a sewer snake, not unlike the Turbo Snake, is certainly the way to go.

There are many other products on the market for unclogging pesky drains, such as liquid draining products like Draino, and of course you could always use a plunger, but the best way to clean those blocked drains is with...

Turbo Snake

The other day I was taking a shower; Bear with me, this isn't going in a weird direction. So, my girlfriend and I have just moved into a new apartment, and I finally got around to testing out the shower. In fact, one of the first things I'll test out in a new abode is the bathroom plumbing, and more specifically the toilet plumbing and the bathtub plumbing.

After tinkering with the shower head to get the pressure JUST RIGHT(pet peeve of mine), it was only a matter of minutes before I noticed something happening...

Yep, the unthinkable was happening; The tub was rapidly filling with water, as if I'd set the thing up to run as bath-water. Well, I was a bit annoyed, not only because this isn't supposed to be happening, but also because I knew the net result would be that oily, greasy feeling my feet would have for the next few hours. A blocked drain is clearly not my friend! In fact, when the drains blocked, I can be quite surly to deal with...

Are you familiar with that? Have you ever had a blocked shower drain that just wouldn't seem to flow?

So, I've tried everything a layperson can think of to get the clogs out, in order to help alleviate the problem, but nothing seems to be doing the trick; I've tried plunging the mess into submission, but even that won't jar anything loose.

I've tried slow-running gel liquid type products like Draino and the likes, but that just runs down the drain and disappears. It's literally like I'm pouring money down the drain.

I've even tried lowering the water pressure by not turning on the water to full power, but this just diminishes the showering experience. So, what's a guy supposed to do? Clearing blocked drains was beginning to seem like something that may be well beyond my DIY capacity.

Well, I've been researching online a bit, to see what's available at a reasonable price, and the one product I keep coming back to is this thing called the Turbo Snake. I didn't know much about the drain snake market, so I kept digging into the matter...

Also, for a demonstration of just how effective this piece of plumbing equipment can actually be, you can view a You-tube testimonial by a 'real person' like you and me. SPOILER: It really does work.

As you can readily see from the products listed to right of this text capsule, there are plenty of products that you can choose when it comes to unclogging your drains. The thing that I love about what the Turbo Snake can provide me is this; The Turbo Snake is designed with the typical home consumer in mind.

I don't necessarily need a commercial-grade sewer snake for my blocked drains, as the occasion rarely presents itself for me to use such a product. However, the Turbo Snake would be a handy little tool to keep in a utility drawer somewhere in the house, that I can simply pull out and use quickly whenever the need arises. Problem solved.

And it's affordable too. Just check out one of the links near the top of the page to see just how cheaply one of these plumbing gems can be purchased for. A blocked drain pipe need not be a nuisance. With a little know-how and the proper equipment, you can be up an running again in no time!

Luke demonstrates the Turbo Snake


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    • profile image

      Drain Relief 6 years ago

      Useful advice. If readers have an emergency or don't have a Turbo Snake, they may find the Advice & Tips section of this blog useful:

      Good luck!

    • whitton profile image

      whitton 7 years ago

      Nice Hub. I have heard these Turbo Snakes work pretty good.