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Shabby Chic Decorating: Top 5 Dressing Tables & Vanities

Updated on September 24, 2014

The Best Shabby Chic Dressing Tables for your Bedroom

Finding a great place to apply makeup and prepare for the day is a challenge at the best of times. A shabby chic dressing table is a wonderful, creative and unique piece of furniture that looks great in any bedroom. What's more, it's an extremely useable piece of furniture, if you wear makeup or like to do your hair in natural light, you'll use it every day.

How often do you end up trying to get ready for the day in a dimly lit bathroom? The best place to apply makeup or do your hair is in natural, morning light. Since there isn't always a great readily available mirrored surface to do this on, enter the dressing table. Shabby chic bedroom vanities like this are really popular due to their obvious utility and great looks. You'll use it, and it'll help give the bedroom a wonderful, cozy charm like nothing else.

This article is all about shabby chic dressing tables, and it's intended to help you track them down for a reasonable price. Cheap shabby chic dressing tables aren't easily found, so I'll spend most of the article reviewing a few of my favorite furniture pieces and why you might want to consider it. I'll also touch on what makes up shabby chic furniture so you can identify it easily yourself, and a few other things too. Let's get started!

What Is A Shabby Chic Style Dressing Table?

Features and functions of shabby chic dressing tables & vanities

A dressing table in shabby chic style has some unique characteristics that sets it apart from other similar pieces of furniture. I'll list a few of the most prominent differences here, so you'll know how to identify them when you come across them.

  1. Light color palette:

    Most shabby chic vanity tables have a whitewashed white or light color scheme. The common colors include white, cream and beige, along with pastel tones in blue, green and warm yellow. The predominant color though, especially in this particular piece of furniture, is white. There are reasons for this: it looks great, but also a shabby chic dressing table or mirror is intended to be bright and reflect as much light to your skin as possible, so getting ready is easier.

  2. Elaborate, classic features:

    This isn't a strict requirement, but shabby chic dressing tables often adhere to a classic, rustic, French country inspired look. This includes classic style features. This includes but isn't limited to: cabriole or curved style legs, carved front panels, elaborate curvature, brass or glass drawer handles and knobs. The goal is for the piece to be whimsical, and it can really 'make' a room.

  3. Distressed appearance:

    A lot of shabby chic furniture, dressing tables included, have a distinctly distressed appearance. The idea is to make the piece of furniture look well loved and worn by years of usage. This is achieved in a new piece by prematurely weathering it using sandpaper and other techniques. The worn edges are then finished with clearcoat. Those worn down corners, paint chips and whitewashing is intentional, and it looks great!

Jaden Vanity Set: A cheap shabby chic dressing table with a stool

Affordable shabby chic style makeup vanity set

This Jaden Collection shabby chic makeup vanity is one of my favourites. It's small enough to fit in almost any space, and it comes with a cushioned stool so it's ready to use once you get it set up.

The three piece mirror is adjustable and can be tilted as you like. The legs are nicely curved and it has a rustic but sophisticated overall appeal.

It has a single door with a vintage style drawer handle attached, (which you can swap out if you like). It's one of the better cheap shabby chic style vanities for your bedroom, so do consider it.

Emma's Treasures shabby chic vanity table with mirror

A beautiful bedroom dressing table in shabby chic style.

The Emma's Treasures vanity with mirror is a truly beautiful and unique shabby style bedroom dressing table. The semi-circular mirror and overall rounded shape of the vanity table makes it very manageable in any sized room.

It has lots of compartments, including a secret one and some drawers. It has that weather worn look that all pieces of furniture in this style strive to achieve.

The scrollwork and pewter, antique style hardware just adds to the charm. It's a bit pricier than others listed here, but with all the custom detailing it's well worth the price tag.

Powell off-white vanity / dressing table bench set

A very small and inexpensive shabby chic makeup table

The Powell vanity and bench are super compact and work wonderfully well in a smaller apartment space.

It's also a reasonably cheap shabby chic dressing table and it looks great in any neutral toned room, or a french country inspired space that takes advantages of warmer tones (like light yellow or cream paint).

The off white color definitely has a warmer tone to it, and the stool is a pastel pink. Overall the effect is delicate and works great for a small room.

Matilda: A five drawer shabby chic vanity in antique white

A beautiful, well-built shabby chic bedroom vanity table

This 'Chippendale' shabby chic vanity dressing table is just beautiful. It's very well built, constructed with a combination of real wood and veneers, and I love that it comes with a fully overstuffed stool for the sake of comfort. It could just as easily serve as a desk, and it's got five useful drawers in various sizes.

The best part of this shabby chic dressing table is the detail work. Elegant curved legs and the combination of the detailed front panels and 3 piece mirror make this a really classic looking piece.

Bobkona St. Croix: A shabby chic vanity set with stool

A spacious, elegant shabby chic dressing table & mirror

The St. Croix by Bobkona is a very lovely and practical shabby chic style makeup table. It's got a more modern profile to it, being roughly rectangular in its dimensions, but the scrollwork on the legs and the luxurious vintage style fabric on the stool are classically shabby styled and look wonderful.

You'll love the storage on this one, with five drawers of various sizes, and the adjustable 3 piece mirror can be tilted to better effect if you like. It's really reasonably priced too and it's a best seller with a lot of positive reviews.

Antique style hardware:

You can replace the hardware on most drawers and doors on shabby chic vanity tables very easily. They are often only held in place by a single screw.

If you like a piece but want a slightly different look or style, consider purchasing cool, shabby chic style hardware separately and swapping it.

Would you consider a shabby style makeup table?

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