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Shade Sails

Updated on November 22, 2012

Shade Sails - The Cool Shade Revolution

Fashionable Sail Shades Catching On In France

The French are generally pretty advanced when new fashin trends are concerned, nonetheless it looks there may be a an new trend which they have not picked up on. In fact they have been beaten by the Australians! Any person that has spent holiday time in France during the summer will know that shade is a vital consideration - outdoor temperatures in the summer sun can be very HOT. It is very easy to get sunburnt with out even realising it.

No wonder that, during the summer time, the local garden accessory shops are full of "shade solutions" - parasols, pergolas, gazebos and awnings to help you generate a shady environment on your terrace. Most of us don't have the years of patience required to grow an old vine or wisteria which would provdie the "ideal shade solution" - no we need a quicker, man-made solution - but still one that has plenty of style...

Shade Sail Gallery

What Is A Shade Sail?

Introducing The Shade Sail

Using large pieces of cloth to deliver shade from sunlight dates back to the Egyptians. The Romans apparently employed huge pieces of sail canvas to shade the Coliseum. The sail fabric of the time was very heavy and inflexible but worked well at supplying the required shade. In more current times a brand new shade cloth fabric was designed in Australia which was light and flexible, but still provided a fantastic level of protection against the sun's damaging UV rays. It was as recently as the Nineties that shade fabric started out to be available on a commercial scale and began to find acceptance in the market as an option to parasols or gazebos.

What's really strange is that these new shade structures have gained broad acceptance in Australia, but are virtually unheard of in France. But then the French really do not have much that can match the Sydney Opera House either!

The most likely explanation Shade Sails have been slow to catch on in Europe is the lack of availability in the market. Not surprisingly the best, high quality Shade Sails derive from Australia and exports to Europe have not been a top priority. This situation is now transforming and European slaes are growing rapidly. SailShadeWord is an Australian firm that is currently the largest maker of Sail Shades globally, with around 24,000 satisfied consumers. They've extremely strict quality standards and aren't the cheapest, but do offer a 10 year guarantee on their Sail Shades.

Why Use A Shade Sail?

Sail Shade Benefits

As opposed to the early Shade Sails manufactured from sail canvas, modern day Sail Shades are created from a kind of knitted material, which presents the Sail Shade a natural degree of expansion. This means that Sail Shade must be correctly mounted and tensioned. This makes it possible for for interesting architectural 3 dimensional final results to be achieved with Shade Sails.

An extra advantage from the knitted material is that it enables the sail shade to "breathe", permitting warm air from below the cloth to leak instead of be trapped underneath. This gives a particularly "cool shade" impact.

Modern day Shade Sails differ in form, size and colour and there is a trend in setting up many sails, occasionally overlapping, thereby adding some form and style to its basic purpose. Sail Shades are tensioned typically by use of a stainless steel turnbuckle fixed at each corner of the sail. For completely fixed sails, the turnbuckle provides an ideal means of fixing the canopy due to the fact it facilitates the application of additional tension easily. A snap hook can also be utilized at each corner to enable uncomplicated removal in the sail during the winter or in windy conditions.

Sail Shade Key Features

  • Disperses heat through the breathable Sail Fabric - furnishing really "cool shade"
  • 10 Yr UV warranty
  • Commercial Grade Knitted Fabric. Double needle lock stitched, UV stabilized, high density polyethelene. Blocks as much as 90% of harmful UV rays.
  • Edge Webbing. Instead of the common turned and sewn hem that is used by other companies, we use seatbelt webbing around the perimeter of all our Shade Sails
  • Fixes extremely simply to current structures, or attached to timber or steel poles
  • Corners include marine grade stainless steel attachment rings
  • Colourfast, won't rot, create mildew, shrink, fray or tear

Square and Triangular Sail Shades From Sail Shades France

Shade Sails France - supplying the English market in France at more affordable than UK prices and with Free delivery. Our High quality Shade Sails are made from leading high quality sail fabric and can come with a 12 month guarantee. They're offered in both square and triangular designs and 3 colours - Architectural Grey, Porcelain and Coastal Sand. Shade Sails provide a fashionable and useful alternative to parasols and awnings - and are a good deal stronger. The unique Sail fabric material offers a higher degree of shade whilst allowing warm air to pass via, delivering truly "cool shade".

  • Easy TO Install - no specialist installation necessary
  • FITTINGS Available - all the stainless steel fittings essential for installation
  • Free DELIVERY - free delivery to France
  • PREMIUM High quality - All our Sail Shades possess a 10 year guarantee
  • 48h DELIVERY - On all our Shade Sails and Fittings

Find Out More...

Useful Sites With More Information On Shade Sails

Shade Sails provide a very stylish alternative to the more traditional garden awning. To discover more about the advantages of Sail Shades and view a selection of different sail shade products available for purchase on-line and with free delivery, visit Shade Sails France.

To read more about the benefits of Shade Sails, please take a look at this article which goes in to much more detail on the benefits of Shade Sails

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    • profile image

      robertrupert66 6 years ago

      Good job. Nice lens :) Will check your other lenses

    • profile image

      bernadettebrett 6 years ago

      Waterproof shade sails are gaining popularity more and more in the United States.

    • profile image

      shellybenelli 6 years ago

      I love the UV protection of these sails!

    • profile image

      ianjulian09 6 years ago

      Informative lens you have there! There was initially some confusion as to what these new shade devices should be called, but the terms "shade sails" and "sail shades" and now used interchangeably and commonly throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

    • profile image

      loiusereese 6 years ago

      The use of large pieces of fabric or cloth to provide shade from the sun dates back to Egyptian times.

    • profile image

      carlyharley01 6 years ago

      Sail coverings are much inexpensive in comparison to other patio covers.

    • profile image

      staceytracey01 6 years ago

      Cool lens! These sail shades are created from knitted fabric and are extremely convenient to fasten it to posts, wooden beams or trees. These are not permanent devices and hence can be easily set up, dismantle, carry and shift another site. Thus, they are equally popular in both residential and commercial areas.

    • profile image

      giodale91 6 years ago

      What I like about shade sails is that sail structures are available in a wide range of size, colors and shapes. Hence, they can be used for sort of outdoor area.

    • profile image

      alexandergrinder 6 years ago

      Shade sails are super efficient to block the harmful UV rays of the sun. In hotter regions, where powerful sun radiation stays for a longer period, too much of exposure to the ultra violet rays may cause skin cancer.

    • profile image

      richmonddiamond 6 years ago

      Shade sails are a tool to cover the outdoor areas which are used generally for public gatherings.