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Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Vacuum (HV302) Review: Is it worth your money?

Updated on May 31, 2014


  1. Cleans bare floors/ deep cleans carpet
  2. Lightweight: a treat if you have back pain problems or simply can’t be asked with heavy vacuums.
  3. Versatile: Easy floor to ceiling cleaning
  4. Long cord: allows you to clean your whole house easily without having to switch from plug to plug.
  5. Swivel steering: Makes it easier to clean hard to reach areas like under the bed, sofa and so on.
  6. Easy compact storage: Comes with a hook that allows you to hang it up on the wall which makes it perfect for homes with limited space.
  7. Never loses suction power
  8. Clear vacuum bag: allows you to see how much dirt has been picked up inside and when to empty it.
  9. Attachments: The Shark Rocket Ultralight vacuum comes with lots of handy attachments to clean just about any part of your home, even your car.


  • Not “really” upright: The Shark Rocket Ultralight vacuum is top heavy so it won’t really able to stand upright without support from leaning on a wall. It comes with hooks and wall mount to hang it up on the wall but some customers said it would be easier if it stands upright without support also.

Who is it suitable for?

Shark Ultralight vacuum is perfect for:

  • People with back pain or any health problems that makes it harder for them to carry heavy weights.
  • Expecting moms who never give up on house chores.
  • Those who need to pull out the vacuum on a daily or every few days basis.
  • Small-medium sized homes with limited space for storage.
  • Anyone who simply cannot be asked with a heavy vacuum.

See the Shark Rocket Ultralight in action!

I love the wall mount feature!

Shark Rocket Ultralight (HV302) Vacuum in a Nutshell

Key Features
Special Offers/Promotion
Swivel Steering
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Versatility: Floor to ceiling and hard to reach spaces
Free Shipping
Attachments: Pet tool, crevice tool, Dust away with microfiber pad, car kit etc.
Easy hang on the wall storage.
Ergonomic handle: easy holding conrols
2 speed brush roll
easy emptying
cleaning wand
storage hooks
washable filters
wall mount

Looks super easy to hold doesn't it?

Key Features Explained:

  • Lightweight: As you can see from the image on the right, the Shark Rocket Ultralight has been engineered in a way to work as good as a traditional heavy vacuum without the heaviness.
  • 2 Speed brush roll: You have to speed options to suit every floor type. Deep cleaning to get rid of all the stubborn dirt from your carpet and gentle to clean delicate areas, hard floors and rugs.

  • Swivel steering and cleaning wand: Will make it easier to get hold of and clean the hard to reach areas like under the bed and sofa.
  • You can use the handheld like a handheld vacuum to clean stairs and other hard to reach places.
  • Cleaning wand: You can switch from cleaning the floor to ceiling in seconds with the quick release cleaning wand. It also makes it easier to clean narrow spaces in your home that you normally won't get hold of with other vacuums.
  • Easy emptying: With one press of the release button on the front, you can empty all the dust cup directly into the trash can.

  • Wall Mount & Hooks: Customers, especially those who have limited space in their homes love this feature as it helps them to easily store the vacuum on the wall without taking up space.
  • Washable filters: You can wash it when there is a need to but the manufacturer says it's a high quality filter that hardly needs any maintenance and never needs replacing.

Let's talk about the many cool attachments it comes with.

  • Car detail kit: Unlike the Shark Rocket HV301, the HV302 comes with a car detail kit. You can easily clean those tiny spaces in your car dashboard or the dust in your computer keyboard with this kit. I really like the idea of being able to polish up keyboard with this one.
  • 12" Crevice tool: Will make it easier for you to clean tiny and narrow spaces in your home.
  • Wide Upholstery tool: Got pets in your home? This tool will make it easier to get rid of pet hair and dust clinging on to curtains and other delicate spaces.
  • Dusting brush: Has many uses and is designed to clean a variety of surfaces.
  • Dust away attachment: It has reusable microfiber cleaning pad with suction to clean hard floors.
  • Accessories bag: No need to worry about where you're going to keep all these stuff.

What are customers saying about Shark Rocker Ultralight Vacuum?

It has received over 90% positive feedback and 4-5 ratings from customers. They really seem to love how light it is to hold and carry and the easy storage feature.

Here are some of their interesting feedback:

“I am amazed every time I use it as to how much fine dust/dirt and dog hair it picks up and how fresh the carpets look.”

Great vacuum for what it is! Easy to manuever and love that it hangs up on the wall.”

This is perfect for people (like me) who have pets and need to vacuum every couple days to keep up with the dog fur.”

Read their original feedback, more customer reviews and buying info on Amazon.

Have you used Shark Ultralight before? Share your feedback bout it.

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