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How To Plant A Beautiful English Garden

Updated on April 30, 2017

Step By Step Instructions for an English garden.

Article By Sharon Stajda

Have you ever pondered the idea of planting a true English garden only to give up on the idea? Perhaps thinking it might be too much work keeping up such a large garden. Well, I have put together an easy English garden plan for you, along with tips on flowers that will give you color from summer right on through late fall. I have chosen flowers that are easy to care for, and ground cover plants that will cut down on garden work. I have added flower to the garden plan that will attract beautiful butterflies, and hummingbirds to too ! All of the plants in this garden plan are perennials, so you will be able to enjoy your English Garden year after year.

This garden plan is designed to cut down not only on garden upkeep, but also will save you money on purchasing yearly annual flowers. Not to say you can't add your favorite annuals. The Perennial gardening is the way to go. Just the fact that perennials return each year, and spread to provide new plants for transfer. The spreading plants can be replanted to start new gardens or incorporated into other pre existing garden areas. Just below you will find easy instructions to get you started on planting your English garden. I have added several photos of my English garden that I hope will inspire you.

Let's Start With Beefing Up The Soil

To enhance your plants growth, I suggest adding some good black topsoil, and a good plant potting soil. First till up your soil, then add about an inch 2 inches of good topsoil, and an inch of potting soil to cover the planting area, mix your soils together with a garden rake. Make sure any large clumps are broken down.

Bing Free To Share
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Planting Your English Garden Row By Row

After you have beefed up your Garden soil a bit, and have it already to plant your plants. Each plant will have individual instructions on how deep the plant should be planted. Follow these instructions according to each given plant.

Start at row one (your border) The plants that will be the least in height will be row one.

Row One:

Start to the left. Your first plant will be your Lavender plant #1, #2 Sedum Palmeri, #3 Liriope. Plant each plant 24 inches apart, this will give each plant plenty of space to grow, and mature.

Row Two:

Your second row should be 20 inches back from row one.

Just behind your Lavender plant plant #4 white Gaura. next to Gaura, plant #5 Sunlit Artemisia, #6 Achilles Summer Pastel. Again make sure you keep 24 inches between plants side to side, and about 20 inches between rows.

Row Three:

Start row three 20 inches back from row two. Just above your white Gaura plant and a bit to the left about 20 inches plant # 7 Liatris. You see your very back row will have four plants, and take the shape of your garden somewhat wider at its back row.

Next to plant # 7 Liatris, plant #8 Perovskia, #9 Echinacea, and last of all #10 White Liatris.

Water your new garden well, and keep it moist and well watered for the first two week. All the suggested plants as a rule take quickly to the soil. After you have determined your plants have taken well, water when soil feels dry to the touch. I feed my gardens plant food, about once a month in the summer using Miracle Grow. Feeding will help your plants grow bigger, and also give you lots of blooms.


Love A Fragrant Garden? Here Is A Recipe For A Pot Of Wonderful Fragrance.

  • 1 large garden pot (terracotta work well)
  • 1 bag of enriched garden soil
  • 3 Heliotrope plants
  • 3 Nemesia plants
  • 2 Citrosa-scented Geraniums


  1. add soil to garden pot stop short 3 inches from the top of container.
  2. Place the 2 Citrosa-scented Geraniums in the center of container.
  3. Then space 3 Heliotrope plants, and 3 Nemesia plants around the Geraniums.
  4. Add garden soil around each plant while pressing soil gently around each plant.
  5. Water well, and place garden container in full sun. Water when soil feels dry, about every other day.
3.5 stars from 2 ratings of Love A Scented Garden? Try This Garden Recipe, And Sit Back And Enjoy The Fragrance

Please Enjoy Just A few Photo's Of My English Gardens..

My Garden Gate...
My Garden Gate... | Source
A bit Of My English Garden...
A bit Of My English Garden...
Angel On Guard...
Angel On Guard...
Bird's Paridice...
Bird's Paridice...
Lazy Lad reading his book,,,
Lazy Lad reading his book,,,
Spitting Frog among the fern...
Spitting Frog among the fern...
Welcome to my "Deck Garden"...
Welcome to my "Deck Garden"...
Fairy's rose garden..
Fairy's rose garden..
Moonlight garden - all white plants are wonderful to enjoy after dark...
Moonlight garden - all white plants are wonderful to enjoy after dark...

Have I convinced you to plant an English Garden?

What do you think, will you plant an English Garden?

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    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 2 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      I hope this hubpage will inspire you to plant an English garden. Mine has given me many years of wonderfully colorful flowers, that start to bloom in early spring and last until late fall. many of the blooms get thrown into a basket dried and scented with lavender oil. This sweet Potpourri makes wonderful sachets.

    • profile image

      poutine 9 years ago

      Very pleasing visit here.